Which iPad should I buy? A model and price guide

Looking to buy an iPad but not sure which one exactly you should buy? Well you’ve come to the right place as there are four different versions of the iPad to choose from! And to make it more complex, each one belongs to a different generation, surpassing itself in each new release, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the latest is always the greatest - read our in-depth guide below to understand which generation meets your needs in terms of features, price, and size.

The iPad guide you didn’t know you needed!

At Back Market we’ve created the definitive model guide, with all the information that will interest you to make the best possible purchase decision. A big part of your decision would normally come down to price (or rather its usual price!) However, since we are the best in the industry when it comes to refurbished, you can actually make a decision where price isn’t the overarching factor, and you can start to compare specs side-by-side to know which one you truly need.

You’ll hardly notice any difference in appearance between a refurbished iPad and a new one. Some look like they just came out of the factory and others may just have minor scratches, but overall it won’t limit your user experience at all. And fortunately due to the nature of our business, it is not only a smart and ethical way to shop, but also the cheapest - Take note!

How iPads are classified

As mentioned earlier, there are actually four different versions of the iPad, each one with different characteristics and, therefore, focused on a specific type of user:

  • Original iPad or simply iPad: it is the standard version, although it is not “standard” by any means! Even the most basic version of the Apple tablet is extraordinary!

  • iPad Mini: the smallest version of the bunch, designed to be held in one hand and brought everywhere you go.

  • iPad Air: by far the lightest version, with the thinnest dimensions to match. Designed to serve those that want to travel light but without compromise on the screen size.

  • iPad Pro: As its name suggests, it is intended for users with high performance demands, so it is the most powerful of the lot.

Also, there are variations within each version. The first, in terms of device connectivity: some are only WiFi compatible and others come equipped with mobile network connectivity to surf the web anytime, anywhere, as they have a SIM card slot.

The second variation is the internal storage capacity. And this is a fundamental aspect, since you already know that Apple products cannot expand their memory using an SD card. They are generally available in several different capacities, including 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB, although this detail may change with each new model.

And of course, an obvious variation is the colour: although the first fleet of iPads were mostly silver or grey, white was later introduced and for a long time they have also been available in black, gold, rose gold and even more daring colours such as sky blue and green.

Below we’ve reviewed all the versions that are available on the Back Market website, where all iPads on sale have been fully repaired, tested and certified refurbished, plus attached with a 24-month warranty for an added peace of mind.