Black Friday vs Cyber Monday deals: which are better?
Cyber Monday 2023

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday deals: which are better?

Updated 3 November, 2023 - Black Friday and Cyber Monday are commercial traditions ported over from the United States. They've become quite popular events in the United Kingdom. And for good reason: we won’t say no to good deals and discounts during Christmas shopping! However, if you could only shop during one, which should you pick? Is there any difference? Let’s take a look. By the end, we think you’ll discover there is an even better way to access great deals all year round.

When do the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals start?

Black Friday is always the fourth Friday of the month, the day after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is always the following Monday. 

More specifically, Black Friday 2023 is taking place on November 24; Cyber Monday 2023 is happening on November 27. 📅

Before you mark your calendars though, you should be aware that the deals usually start a little earlier. So you can expect to see discounts offered even a week early. Of course, it’s worth taking a look at what those deals and discounts actually look like. 👀

Last year’s Cyber Monday deals and Black Friday offers

During Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday 2022, there wasn’t a clear winner in terms of which deals were better. 🤷‍♂️

Depending on where you looked, you saw similar offers. Bundle deals on new products, free smartphones when you signed up for contracts, maybe a 10% discount on a TV, etc. 

These are okay savings, but they’re not really all that appealing. 😕 We expected better deals than what we found. 

We have similar predictions for the 2023 sales this year. If you really want to save big on expensive items, you shouldn't just wait around for Apple deals on Black Friday.

Are the sales for Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals different?

As mentioned, you can expect to find similar sales during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. 

The main difference between them is simply where they take place. Cyber Monday is an online shopping event, and Black Friday is an in-store shopping event (traditionally anyway). 

Whether browsing online retailers or doing some in-store shopping though, it’s always the tech products that get the