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Black Friday is boring.

It’s a desperate relic from another time, trying very hard to stay relevant at a time when it should quietly retire. Inciting a kind of feeding frenzy that hurts the environment, defies common sense, and brings zero peace to anyone’s mind? No, thank you. At Back Market, our expertly renewed, fairly-priced devices are available to purchase every day of the year—though we hope we won’t need to replace what you have more than every few years.

MacBooks - As cheap as a big Big Mac! ...almost.

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To hell with Black Friday! Like any other day, Peter Pickle has been hard at work negotiating great deals and exclusive offers with our partner sellers. Want to take advantage of these limited deals? Give Peter just a moment.

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There’s one thing that New does well, and that’s top-notch quality control. At Back Market we want to do the same. It isn’t enough for us to be a sustainable alternative to New electronics. We want to be a premium quality sustainable alternative.

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    The Home Office Guide

    So… it seems that we're going to be spending a little time confined to our homes, with only the plants for company. It's probably a good time to grow a small vegetable garden on your balcony anyway, or… maybe just reconnect with your console or PC. But there will come a time when you have to work, so for those of you who are not used to working remotely, we’re here to offer you a small survival kit to equip you in these exceptional circumstances.

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  • three bins

    Doing a Little Something Extra

    For each accessory sold, at least £1 is donated to PUR Project. PUR Project is supporting and actively working with the village of Pejarakan in its waste management and in the regeneration of its environment. The funds provided will enable the extension of the pilot program – launched in 2019 – in one of the districts of the city Batu Ampar Banjar.

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  • new vs refurbished impact

    New vs. Refurbished: The Environmental Impact of the Tech Industry

    The production and end-of-life disposal of our smartphones, computers and other modern tech has a dramatic impact on the environment, which can often be overlooked when compared to other environmental issues. Half of the carbon emissions from the digital sector (making up 4% of global emissions) come from the production of such devices and refurbishing these instead of simply replacing, while not a perfect solution, can help to significantly limit their environmental impact. We’d like to tell you a little more about it here.

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  • How to choose an iPhone 11

    Why to choose an iPhone 11

    Apple released its newest and possibly sleekest iPhone model in September 2019, the iPhone 11. This, along with the iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max, make up the 11th gen iPhone family, following on from the iPhone XS. With the price dropping after the release of the iPhone 12 and the specs still incredible, it's a no brainer of a phone choice. The only real question you have to ask yourself is which model to choose.

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    Which iPhone is the best value for money?

    Can you believe the first iPhone was only released in 2007? Neither can we. It feels as though our beloved Apple iPhone handsets have been glued to hands for life. :D For those of us who are die-hard Apple fans, the only real question at Black Friday or contract renewal time is which iPhone to choose. Looking to save a bit of cash into the bargain - and buy before Black Friday comes around? Welcome to the wonderful world of Back Market, where we'll save you serious money on the best value iPhones available. Let's dig deeper into this joyous world of affordable premium technology...

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    How does the iPhone 12 measure up against previous iPhone models?

    We’ve emptied our piggy bank and traded in the obligatory arm and a leg. All so we could get our remaining hand on the latest iPhone 12 and see how it stacks up against our refurbished iPhone 8, X and 11. So, let’s take an objective look at whether the iPhone 12 is – at present – worthy of its number and price tag.

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Black Friday: Get refurbished electronics at up to 70% off. As usual.

The Best Black Friday Tech Deals are Here
Ever heard of Back Market before? We’re trying to seriously shake up the market here in the UK, and we’re trying to offer the best Black Friday deals the likes of which you’ve never seen before.
How do we do it? All of our products are certified refurbished, which means that they look and feel just like new products, but come at a much lower price. So, if you’re on the lookout for more savings, you’ve come to the right place.
The Best Black Friday Deals on all the Best iPhones
Let’s face it: every year Apple releases a new ip, but at this point there really isn’t much of a difference year-to-year between each model. And every year Apple claims that their newest iPhone is their best iPhone yet, and pretends to totally forget about last year’s model. But the truth is that iPhones from previous years are just as good as the newest iPhone, and if you don’t believe us, try out one of our refurbished iPhones risk-free. All our iPhones come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty, so if you feel like your new iPhone doesn’t meet your standards, feel free to send it right back to us.
Do you want the Best Apple Watch Deal for this Black Friday?
The new Apple Watch Series 6 may have just come out, but you can find a much better deal on an older model like the Series 4 or Series 5 that comes with almost all of the same features. With Back Market, you can get a cheap Apple Watch that looks and feels exactly like the newest models, but at a much lower price. And just like with any of our other products, send it back if you’re not impressed.
Want to Find the Best Android Deal This Black Friday?
We have a lot of the best deals on Apple products here on Back Market, but we have just as much appreciation for Android devices. We have some of the best deals on Android phones from the past few years, and all of these phones are guaranteed to work just as well as newer versions. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and OnePlus are some the most popular Android devices right now, and with good reason. They offer the best hardware and software for the price, and also get the best update support. But keep in mind that these devices may not receive updates for nearly as long as their Apple counterparts, so if it’s important for you to have the newest version of Android, make sure to do some research on the device you want first.
Looking for Black Friday MacBook Deals?
Maybe you want the best MacBook to replace that clunky old laptop you have lying around at your house, but you don’t want to spend all that money that Apple demands for its newest laptops. We have more attractive offers thanks to the fact that all our MacBooks are refurbished. If you want the best MacBook for the least amount of money, we suggest looking through our assortment of MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Retinas to find a model that works best for your needs and your budget.
Get the Best Deal on an iPad for Black Friday

The iPad is one of the easiest tablets to use thanks to its well-designed operating system and continuous software updates from Apple. If you find yourself needing the best tablet on the market to do some casual browsing separate of your laptop, our Black Friday iPad deals may be the perfect offers for you. So, whether you want an iPad Air, iPad Pro, or regular iPad, we’re convinced we have the best iPad deal for you this holiday season.
The Best Tablet Deals for Black Friday
If you don’t want to spend the extra money on the Apple logo and just want a functional yet powerful tablet to suit your needs, consider buying one of the many other tablets we have for sale at Back Market. Samsung tablets are perhaps the most premium when it comes to Android tablets, or you can also consider shopping around for a Microsoft Surface, which can also serve as a hybrid 2-in-1 laptop.
The Best Microsoft Surface Deals for Black Friday
The Microsoft Surface is perhaps the ultimate tablet you can buy since it shares the same internals with many laptops. If you get a version with an i5 or even i7 chip, you’ll be getting a device which can reliably be used for many years and do some heavy multitasking with ease. This is the best middle ground if you want a device that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet. Even though the best Microsoft Surface models will still be more expensive that standard tablets, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a dynamic and powerful 2-in-1 hybrid laptop.
Get the Best Windows Laptop Deal this Black Friday
If the cost of a Microsoft Surface is still a little too steep for you and all you really want is a traditional Windows laptop, then there are still many other great Black Friday laptop deals to choose from. Some of our favourite Windows brands are Lenovo, Dell, and HP, and all of these models come at a much more affordable price point than comparable Surface or MacBook models.
Get the Best Nintendo Switch Deal This Black Friday Season
If you know somebody who’s a real Nintendo fan and enjoys all the legendary Nintendo characters like Kirby or Mario, then you may want to take advantage of our best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. Keep in mind that every Nintendo Switch sold on Back Market has been inspected by professionals and comes with a transparent quality rating, so if you get a Switch in “Mint” condition, it won’t come with any signs of use, and if you’re buying it as a gift for a child, they won’t be able to tell that the device isn’t brand new, but your wallet definitely will.
Why this is the Best Time to Get an Xbox One Deal for Black Friday
It’s no secret that there’s a new Xbox, but that doesn’t mean that the Xbox One will be playing second fiddle. As a matter of fact, it’s rumoured that all the newest video game titles will still be released on the Xbox One until at least 2022, and that’s what makes this the perfect time to get one of these consoles. Now that there is a newer Xbox, the Xbox One deals will only get better. And if you want the best Xbox One deal this Black Friday, Back Market will have some of the best deals since all the products we sell are certified refurbished. Our products cost significantly less than new devices, but come with the same warranties and guarantees as buying a new product.
This is Your Chance to Get the Best PS4 Deal Ever
Just as is the case with the Xbox One, the PS4 is also slowly becoming overshadowed by its new sibling: the PS5. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since almost all video game titles will still be released on the PS4, and the deals on this older console will keep getting better. Back Market is one of the best places to shop for a PS4 deal this Black Friday, with all of our consoles coming with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.
Finally get Yourself a Pair of AirPods this Black Friday
This is perhaps the best time to get a pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro from Back Market. Now that a few years have passed since the AirPods’ release in September 2016, prices are lower than ever before. There are more of these floating around on the used and refurbished market, and therefore we can offer you an even more competitive price. Shop the best AirPods and AirPods Pro deals above!