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Black Friday 2023

Are Chromebook Black Friday deals worth it in 2023?

Updated on 30 October, 2023 - Looking for a new laptop? Well these days, even budget options are more powerful than the computer that put man on the moon. So if you don't need anything state-of-the-art, you should definitely look at Chromebooks. They're perfect for students and users that just need to browse the Internet. With Black Friday 2023 deals coming up soon, you might be wondering if that's a good time to pick one up. Let's take a look at everything you need to know for 2023 Black Friday Chromebook deals this year.

Should you buy a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a kind of laptop that runs on Google's Chrome OS. It can run the Google Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and the rest of the Google cloud apps. However, there’s no file explorer, and you can't run any programs that aren’t available on the Google Play store.

While that may sound restrictive to some, a surprisingly large amount of people can be happy with this. They're a particularly great option for students that just need a few productivity apps and even for younger and less savvy users that won't know how to take advantage of a "real computer."

If you need dedicated programs for creative work or a gaming laptop, the Chromebook is not for you. There are a decent number of cloud games and apps available, but they won’t be the most popular programs or game titles.

There isn't much that you can do on a Chromebook when it doesn't have access to the Internet either. So if your use case doesn't revolve around the Internet and web apps, we don't recommend any Chromebook deals, even if they are good.

Of course, we also don't recommend buying a Chromebook if you don't need one. A phone that came out in the last few years is probably going to be as powerful as the cheapest Chromebooks available. Similarly, a phone can do all the web browsing that you can do on a Chromebook -- it's just on a smaller screen instead.

What specs to look for when buying a Chromebook on Black Friday

If you're convinced about Chromebooks, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can buy the best one.

🖥 Screen - Most Chromebooks come in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. This is excellent for portability, but some users might find it a little cramped. There are 15-inch Chromebooks, but anything much bigger than that simply doesn't exist. Of course, beyond screen size, you should also mind the display's specs. 1366x768-pixel resolution is good enough for text, but you'll want to upgrade to a FHD 1920x1080-pixel display if you want sharp images too. 

💪 Processor - A Chromebook's processor is generally good enough for simple browsing. The cheaper models usually have Intel Celeron CPUs inside and 2GB or 4GB of RAM inside. However, if you're someone who keeps dozens of tabs open and loves to multitask, you should probably get a faster processor and at least 8GB of RAM. There's nothing more frustrating than a slow computer so spending a little more on the processing power is definitely considerable so your Chromebook never slows down. 

🔋 Battery Life - If you're used to Windows laptops, the Chromebook battery life will seem exceptional. Even on the low end, you can usually get around 8hrs of continuous browsing. Some models can even achieve 11 hours, competing with Apple Macbooks which are famous for their great battery life. In any case, if you're going to be using your Chromebook on the go, make sure that you either have access to an outlet or that you have a good enough battery. 

💰 Price - One of the things that make Chromebooks so appealing is their low cost. You can get Chromebooks for as cheap as £149. On the other end, some models cost as much as £1,000. In our opinion, it's hard to justify an expensive Chromebook, even if it does come with nice features like a touch-screen, 2-in-1 form factor, and upgraded storage. At that price point, they compete with some very nice Windows and Macbook laptops. We'd advise most people aim for a mid-range Chromebook to get the best value. 

💾 Storage - A big HDD or SSD in a Chromebook tends to be overkill. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system so Chromebooks usually only include about 32GB or 64GB of storage. As previously mentioned, they don't allow file management either. So instead, Chromebook users organize and store files on Google's cloud, known as Google Drive. By default, Google gives people 15GB of free space, but you can upgrade to more storage. It's probably worth saving money on more computer storage and springing for more cloud storage instead.

Google app icons like Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive and Google Calendar

When will the Black Friday Chromebook deals start in 2023?

Black Friday 2023 officially starts on November 24th worldwide. However, we can expect Black Friday Chromebook deals to start about a week early. 

Google, Lenovo, Dell and other major retailers have been revealing deals earlier and earlier each year. We expect this year to be no different. Acer Chromebooks, HP Chromebooks and all the rest will probably have deals available by mid-November. 

Of course, there's also Cyber Monday on November 27th. This is similar to Black Friday, except it's exclusive to online deals, and takes place on the following Monday.

Should you wait for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Chromebook deal?

Our predictions for the best Black Friday deals on Chromebooks? Well, we're not too optimistic about the savings. Retailers love to increase their prices before cutting them so it looks like you're saving up to 50% off. In reality, Black Friday prices are usually the same prices you find year-round.  We've cherry-picked some early Black Friday deals in the market already for your fair overview (prices checked on 30/10/2023), however we're confident they won't be as good as our refurbished Chromebook deals in comparison:

  • Amazon UK: savings across a variety of Chromebooks between £50 - £150

  • Argos: reduced prices across selected Chromebooks

  • Box: save on hundreds of pounds across selected Chromebook models

  • Very: save on hundreds of pounds across selected Chromebook models

The truth is that the best Black Friday Chromebook deals are already available. You can find them on refurbished marketplaces like Back Market. 

Back Market sells professionally refurbished and certified Chromebooks. They work like new, but they cost 30-50% less than new equivalents. Better yet, they come with a 12-month warranty, 30-day returns and free delivery. You're guaranteed a device that works. Here are some unmissable discounts below:

*Prices checked on 30/10/2023)

Based on what we've seen over the past few years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become excuses for companies to promote hyper-consumerism. The deals are never particularly good -- and they're definitely not worth waiting for if you need a Chromebook now.