How to choose a Samsung Galaxy S9 ?

Samsung stands out as a leading smartphone manufacturer for a good reason – quality. The company did not become the bestseller of Android devices overnight. Its flagship product line, Samsung Galaxy S, offers users new premium features and aesthetics with every release. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the finest smartphones in the Galaxy S family. Its official launch was in March 2018, but it remains one of the most sought-after android devices. Are you wondering why anyone would be shopping for a device so old in the market? Hang on. If you want the best value for your hard-earned cash, don't be the first to buy a newly launched product unless you want to be a guinea pig. It's best to wait until the first buyers to review it.


Why Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 Today ?

The S9 is not your average Joe's smartphone. It comes with Samsung's proprietary curved edge design with a waterproof OLED display. It sets itself apart with its high-power camera, featuring dual-aperture shutter technology, a more robust frame, and higher processing power.

Compared to the earlier versions, the Samsung S9 series have better battery performance and RAM capabilities. They support extended storage for all your files, allowing you to save tons of HD pictures and 4K videos.

However, the Galaxy S9+ differs from the S9 in several ways, as illustrated in the table below.

  Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus
Display size 5.8 inches (146.5mm ) 6.2 inches (158.0mm )
Battery 3,000 mAh 3,500 mAh
Built-in storage 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB
Camera Single lens Dual lens
Biometrics Face and fingerprint Face and fingerprint

Perhaps the best selling point for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the dual-lens camera. It offers dual optical stabilization, eliminating the blurring that results from shaking the camera when shooting a picture. It also enables a two-times optical zoom.

Both devices, however, support Super Slow-Mo. The feature allows you to slow down video action for a more detailed view.

One more innovative feature that the Galaxy 9 introduced is the AR emoji. You can use it to create an emoji of yourself by scanning your face. It allows you to customize the image with facial expressions and use personalized emoji when chatting with friends.

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Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Smartphone consumption has shot through the roof, with top manufacturers like Samsung and Apple releasing at least two versions of the same model each year. Even before you have learnt all the features of your new device, a new, slightly different version is already out.

So, do you have to order a brand new mobile device every time? If you think about it critically, you will appreciate the value of buying refurbished smartphones. Most smartphone sellers may not like this. Nonetheless, but we will spill the beans.

Refurbished versus Second-Hand

Don't get it twisted – a refurbished appliance is different from a used item that you would buy in an auction. A refurbished smartphone, for example, is a phone that has been sold and then returned to an authorized technician for testing and restoration.

Essentially, the product comes back to the market in its original factory standard and sells at a considerably low price. For instance, many students and office workers buy our refurbished laptops for less than $100, and the devices work just fine. Where can you find brand new laptops at such pocket-friendly prices?

Here are more reasons why you should buy our refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9.

Budget Considerations

Anyone would wish to buy the latest premium smartphone right on its release date, but how much do such devices cost? The prices are prohibitive for most consumers. Nowadays, some models are coming with an introductory price of more than $1,000.

Fortunately, you access the same functionality and prestige by buying a refurbished form of your favourite smartphone at a reduced price. Get yourself a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for about $232 at Back Market and save more than $300.

Refurbishing is Eco-Friendly

Most electronics have most of their bulk made from inorganic materials and toxic substances. While the materials make durable devices, they are detrimental to the planet earth. They pollute the environment after their useful life and destroy ecosystems.

Restoring existing smartphones and reselling them is an excellent way to control pollution. It reduces the need to manufacture more plastic to sustain the skyrocketing demand for mobile devices. We have helped reuse more than 1,700 tons of what would have ended up as electronic waste.

Quality? Better Than You Think!

Many people think that refurbished products are items that have been repaired after malfunctioning due to excessive use or mishandling. We want to set the record straight.

While it's true that somebody owned a refurbished smartphone before returning it for reconditioning, it doesn't mean the device was broken. Sometimes consumers buy electronics and return them to the seller soon after taking them home. It may be because of a minor manufacturing defect, or a customer's change of mind.

Such an item goes through rigorous testing and repair before getting back to the stores for resale. What about the condition? As good as new.

Another thing you should know is that reconditioning takes place under strict supervision. The 1,000 refurbishing experts on the Back Market platform are certified professionals, and they don't operate in isolation. We oversee their work to ensure they follow the conditions outlined in our quality charter.

Shop with Transparent Sellers

At Back Market, we value transparency, and customers can see the exact quality of the item. We classify our product as follows:

  • Stallone: Scratches and minor dents may be visible on the exterior, but the product is fully functional
  • Fair/Right: You can view light scuffs on the body and minor scratches on the screen, only visible when the device is on
  • Good: Smartphone display intact, but the body may have light scratches that you can see from eight or more inches
  • Very Good: The screen is intact, but the body may have minor scratches visible from about eight inches
  • Mint/Impeccable: Comparable to band new

Warranty and retraction period for our products vary with countries. Be sure to check our website for details.

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