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Headphones in, always.

Gifts for the audio-podcast-sound quality-BPM obsessed. While the rest of us were burning mix CDs of top 40 pop, they were downloading '70s deep cuts and '90s hip-hop. They don't just love music, they love music quality. Pair your gift with concert-proof earplugs, an audiobook subscription, a gift certificate to their favourite record store, or some cotton wool.

Our gifting FAQ

Looking for more inspo?

Here are some gift ideas that can't be wrapped:

  • Concert tickets

  • A Cameo from their favourite artist 

  • A DJing workshop

  • A month of their favourite music streaming service

Interested in giving sustainably?

A gift for them and the planet is easier than you think. Here are some tips:

  • Wrap your gift in newspaper or paper bag

  • Find your gifts at local stores and boutiques

  • Shop refurbished for any tech gifts, and go for vintage or secondhand where you can for everything else

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