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Verified customer reviews for Refurbished AirPods Max


3 verified reviews in the last 6 months.

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Luna O.


Reviewed in United Kingdom on 12 November 2023

great conditions, excellent shape and came in time! grateful for the purchase as well as great shipping
Apple AirPods Max (2020) - Space Gray

Overall performance





Purchased on the 27 October 2023


Mokshi S.


Reviewed in United Kingdom on 17 October 2023

Amazing quality, were perfect physically. However, had someone else’s apple id linked. No big issue, i sent them back to get repaired. But apparently the repair was too big of a task so i was refunded. I checked to buy more and they were re-listed on backmarket eventhough I was told by musicmagpie that they didn’t have a replacement pair to give me. I didn’t want a refund, i wanted a non-faulty pair. So either they’re re-listing the ones with someone else’s apple id or they were repaired and just not sent back. I’m unhappy because I really wanted my headphones and not a refund
Apple AirPods Max (2020) - Silver

Overall performance





Purchased on the 11 October 2023


Danai P.


Reviewed in United Kingdom on 27 October 2023

Arrived dirty and not in suitable condition for the price i paid so sent them back and requested a refund. Upon sending them I realised I had forgot to disconnect them from my phone so the seller returned them to me. Once logging out, I sent the headphones back once more to get my refund, only to be told that he had claimed to the team that I had sent him the wrong device and that the serial numbers did not match which was impossible. The team were very helpful and were going to refund me but he has now sent them back to me for a third time to get out of it!
Apple AirPods Max (2020) - Silver

Purchased on the 4 October 2023

Benefits of buying a refurbished AirPods Max

At Back Market, customers save up to 50% off compared to the price of new on certified refurbished AirPods Max models. The best part is, you don't have to sacrifice performance quality in order to save money; all refurbished devices on our marketplace have been fully reconditioned, cleaned, inspected and tested to the same standards as a new one. This is the biggest difference between buying a used or second hand AirPods Max compared to a refurbished one.

Buying a reconditioned AirPods Max is also an environmentally friendly option. A refurbished AirPods Max is often a second hand device that has been restored and updated to meet manufacturer standards, which means you'll be helping to keep old AirPods Maxs out of our landfills, reduce electronic waste, and minimise your carbon footprint.


Where to find a cheap refurbished AirPods Max?

If you're looking for cheaper AirPods Max options and don't want to pay full price, you'll find the biggest selection, highest product quality and lowest prices on restored AirPods Max models at Back Market. That's because we specialise specifically in refurbished tech and take the time to carefully vet every seller on our marketplace to ensure customers are getting reliable devices that perform like-new. We have several refurbed AirPods Max in price ranges to fit almost anyone's budget.

Staying true to our brand, we're also a huge advocate for environmental change. In fact, at the beginning of 2023, we hit a milestone for preventing 1 million tons of carbon emission (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere. You can help contribute to a better circular economy when you shop AirPods Max deals on our platform.


What to expect when buying a refurbished AirPods Max?

If you're a first time refurbished buyer, you might not be sure what to expect from your purchase. First, understand that your AirPods Max may have external cosmetic flaws depending on the condition you choose (Back Market offers devices of Fair, Good and Excellent quality). However, whatever the condition, any external blemishes will not affect the performance of your AirPods Max and you can expect your device to perform as if it were newly opened directly from the store.

You should also be confident that your AirPods Max is backed by a 1-year warranty, meaning in the rare case that any defects arise (outside of accidental damage) within 12 months of your delivery date, then you're entitled to your choice of a repair, replacement or reimbursement.


AirPods Max warranty and return policy with Back Market

All AirPods Max purchases on Back Market come with free standard shipping, a 1-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We want to make sure you can shop with confidence and find the best AirPods Max for your needs at lower prices.


AirPods Max deals for students

Great news for students shopping for refurbished laptops on Back Market - we offer all college and university students £20 off on all purchases worth £250. You can unlock your student offer deals here.