iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 plus : Which One Should You Buy?

So you're mulling over the refurbished iPhone 7, and the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus? Great choices both. Prices have fallen considerably, and with Back Market, you'll be enjoying a deeper discount (with peace of mind) but more on our quality charter later. Let's get right into it then - hopefully you'll have decided on a winner by the end of this article - will it be the refurbished iPhone 7, or the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone 7 vs 7 plus

Design and Display of the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus

Ergonomics and Build

Both, the refurbished iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus boast a chic aluminum Unibody, and are IP67-certified water-and-dust-resistant (this still doesn't mean you're allowed to go deep-sea diving with it).

At 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively, even the piano-fingered will toil, handling the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus one-handed (unless you're a limb contortionist or something). At 138 grams, the iPhone 7 is definitely lighter than its counterpart by 50 grams.

Colors and Display

Bling Alert!! Both, the refurbished iPhone, 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus come in Silver, Rose Gold, Black, Jet Black, and Gold color options. Accessorize these with some great deals on Back Market.

Both models boast an LED back-lit Retina display with a wide color gamut that allows for brighter colors. The 3D Touch function on the refurbished iPhone 7, and the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus is pressure-sensitive, and you won't need to push too hard.

One difference though is that the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus will give you better screen resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels!) The iPhone 7 isn't far behind at 1334 x 750 pixels.

Sounds and Audio Input

Both the refurbished iPhone 7 and the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus are fitted with on-board stereo speakers however Apple decided to eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack. No worries though - they've kindly thrown in a converter, and wired ear pods that can be connected to the lightning port, at no extra charge.

Technical Specs of the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus

RAM and Storage

Expect faster performance with the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus' 3 gigs of RAM. The iPhone 7 meanwhile comes with 2GB RAM. It's simple math really. More RAM = more performance, more longevity, and more multi-tasking.

A pet peeve with iPhones in previous years used to be the 'not expandable' storage. This time though
things have changed, and both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus come in 3 options - 32GB
(base model), 128GB, and 256GB memory. Say goodbye to those harassing 'out-of-storage' error messages.

Battery Life

With regards to battery, the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus' battery (2700-3000 mAh) easily outperforms the refurbished iPhone 7 (1700-1900mAh). Expect a 10-20% difference. This should bode well with those who enjoy time away from cables , adapters and power banks.

Refurbished and affordable iPhone 7

Lights, Camera, ACTI..IION on the iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus

We're going to make things easier by first getting into what's common between the refurbished iPhone 7, and the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus. Both models come with:

  • 12 MP resolution for increased screen clarity
  • f/1.8 aperture (capture that lone wolf in the moonlight)
  • Quad-Led True Tone flash technology, so no more red-eye, deer-in-the-headlights kind of pics
  • 4K Ultra HD and 1080 Slo-mo function
  • Video OIS (Optimal Image Stabilization) while on the move
  • 7MP front cameras at 1080p which is great news for the burgeoning vlogger tribe

Now for the Differences in Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus is a clear winner for its dual lens camera that includes a telephoto, and a wide angle lens. The 2X optical zoom lets you hurtle right in to your subject, and still retain clarity. Another cool feature is the Depth of Field (DoF) effect which blurs out backgrounds like in DSLR cameras. Here's a cool video on mastering the bokeh effect on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Final Verdict on the iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus

The refurbished iPhone 7 gets the job done, and isn't a bad phone at all, but the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus gets you better performance, sharper and brighter screen resolution, longer battery life, and a camera that can produce nostalgic bokeh effect pictures.

The only bone of contention between these two is that the iPhone 7 is perfect for one-handed use. Multi taskers, you may want to consider the refurbished iPhone 7.

Another thing, both phones can be upraded to the latest IOS 14.0.1 so you'll get those additional
bells and whistles either way. Now the ball is in your court! Here's a useful link from the Apple website that lets you compare models.

Why buy from Back Market?

The Trust Factor

We are different from the other refurbished e-commerce platforms that look to make a quick buck, only to ghost on you later. Our carefully whetted team of refurbishers ensure that all devices are factory-reset, and perfectly usable. What's more, you'll see actual pictures of your product with nothing Photoshopped.

The 30-day Money-Back Guarantee is testament to the faith we have in our pre-owned products. And yes, there's a one-year warranty period too.

Go Green, and Save the Planet

By buying used gadgets off Back Market, you'll be contributing to a greener planet. The e-waste crisis is real but you'll never hear about it on popular media. Big tech wants to keep you in the dark, spinning around in an unending use-and-throw loop. We don't want that. Here's a short but important video on what Back Market stands for.

HUGE Savings!

Let's get real. Money matters, and with us, you could be enjoying a beautiful refurbished iPhone 7, or an iPhone 7 Plus at up to 30 - 70 % cheaper. What stops you? Still in two minds? This independent review on Back Market should have you convinced. Until then, enjoy your pre-owned iPhone 7 (or iPhone 7 Plus).

Brian Back Market
By Brian, Marketing Manager Back Market UK & Ireland

When not talking about the latest eco-friendly tech and reducing our carbon footprint, Brian enjoys the odd game of football, a classic horror (book or film) or just to kick back with a beer or a proper Scottish whisky. Slàinte Mhath!

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