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About the refurbisher is a leading UK business operating globally combining Distribution, recycling, logistics and fulfillment in the mobile products sector. Formed in 2015, in a vibrant company operating in the Telecommunications sector. We specialise in the supply of new and used Telecommunications and IT Equipment. Our 20 years experience in this sector have allowed us to build Strong relationship with the majority of the UK distribution channel and direct with manufactures, allowing to have a edge on the market are renowned for our fast turnaround times, trustworthy approach and our ability to ‘add value’ to a transaction by providing bespoke supply chain solution, using our network of worldwide trusted partners The Team have many years experience within the used and refurbished mobile sector and understand the importance of grading and testing stock to a high level. All used and refurbished mobiles undergo as many as 47 functional Checks

  • EIN number: GB202704162
  • SIRET N°: 09342012
  • Address:, Unit 2, Parkhall Business Village, ST3 5XA, Stoke-on-Trent, GB

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