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iPhone 13 mini 256GB - Green - Unlocked

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  • K

    Kelly A.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 3 January 2024

    The phone arrived really quickly and is in near mint condition. Two very minor imperfections on the exterior of the phone but not noticeable during daily use. Phone operates perfectly with great battery life. I have been using my Back Market refurbished phone for 1 month. Hoping the phone has a long shelf life! So far, I’m happy with my purchase.
    iPhone 13 mini 256GB - Pink - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 17 December 2023

  • D

    David C.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 31 December 2023

    Pretty happy with my new (refurbished) phone. Order a “good” version and the screen is pristine. Minor small marks on the phone body but it’ll be inside the case so that’s of no consequence. Was a little disappointed by the battery health (only 88%) which I do appreciate is still considered “healthy” but would have been good to have been a bit higher, as I’ll probably have to fork out another £85 for a battery replacement in a years time which should be factored into the overall cost. Still, delivery was speedy, despite it being December and me not paying for the extra fast delivery and overall I’m pleased with the money saved and with the environmental benefits. Well done BackMarket.
    iPhone 13 mini 128GB - Blue - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 15 December 2023

  • P

    Philippa S.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 19 November 2023

    Great phone, good price, quick delivery, securely packaged. Couldn’t ask for more! Upgraded from a 32GB iPhone 7 to a 128GB iPhone 13. I now have a phone that functions and isn’t always struggling for space. Worth every penny. Would never buy a brand new phone when such great refurbished options exist at a fraction of the price.
    iPhone 13 mini 128GB - Red - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 8 November 2023

  • J

    Jaclyn T.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 21 February 2024

    I hadn’t heard of black market mobiles but they had good reviews online. I ordered a refurbished IPhone mini with a satisfactory level as there was a big price difference but when my phone arrived the condition is very good. Just a bid of dirt stuck in the rubber mould of the camera. I also purchased a case so you can’t even see it anyway. Body of phone was perfect apart from such light marks that are barely noticeable and screen is mint. Had it a few weeks now and battery power perfect, camera perfect, storage perfect! There is nothing I can say that I was unhappy with. Great purchase at a fraction of the price of new 😀
    iPhone 13 mini 256GB - Starlight - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 5 February 2024

  • P

    Pam P.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 22 November 2023

    I read the reviews of your company before I bought anything and they were so positive that I went ahead and replaced my husbands old phone and traded in my phone. Our refurbished purchases arrived very promptly and we’re delighted with them! I decided on getting ones in ‘excellent’ condition and I have to say that’s what we got. One phone had 98% battery left and the slightly cheaper one had 94%. We bought that quality because we only want to change phones once in a blue moon. The packaging was excellent and if you open it carefully you can return an unwanted purchase or send them your old phone for part exchange. The only drawback I see with Back Market is that old people like me cannot contact them by phone and speak to a real human being. They deal with chat on line only and that doesn’t answer my queries immediately. I would recommend the company wholeheartedly. You can send anything back straight away in their strong packaging so you have real peace of mind.
    iPhone 13 mini 128GB - Green - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 18 November 2023

  • S

    Steve T.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 6 November 2023

    So happy with my decision to get this phone & to get it reconditioned from BackMarket. Delivery was quicker than expected. Condition was better than expected. Just wish I'd made this decision earlier rather than struggling on for months with an old phone & dead battery..!
    iPhone 13 mini 512GB - Pink - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 16 October 2023

  • S

    Sharon W.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 21 January 2024

    Wasnt nervous going for my refurbished iPhone 13mini coz I was so happy after I got my ipad from here! They are both stunning looking, the batterys charges to 100% & both last ages even wen im playing games for ages! Saved so much money updating my gadgets with refurbished ones and will be buying again when I have to! You’re crazy not to try!😂👍😂
    iPhone 13 mini 128GB - Pink - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 5 January 2024

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Reborn vs. brand new
Here’s what you help prevent on average by choosing a reborn smartphone over a brand new one.

77.3 kg of carbon

That’s like driving an old banger from London to Edinburgh and back.

6.3 oz of e-waste

That’s around the weight of a baseball.

537.1 lbs of raw materials

That's like 20 dogs digging in your yard for a week.

77,000 litres of water

That's like running a faucet for 3 days

Everything you ever wanted to know about the iPhone 13 mini 256GB - Green - Unlocked

iPhone 13 mini 256 GB - Green - Unlocked
Our partners are electronics experts who test and verify that each product is 100% functional before it leaves the factory. This is the reason you benefit from a minimum 1-year warranty with the purchase of a refurbished device at Back Market.

iPhone 13 mini 256GB - Green - Unlocked

  • Colour : Green
  • SIM card : Unlocked
  • Screen size (in) : 5.4
  • Storage : 256 GB
  • Memory : 4 GB
  • Model : iPhone 13 mini
  • Megapixels : 12
  • OS : iOS
  • Resolution : 1080x2340
  • Network : 5G
  • SD Card Slot : No
  • Double SIM : No
  • Manufacturer Ref : A2628
  • Year of Release : 2021
  • Series : Apple iPhone 13
  • Foldable : No
  • SAR head : 0.97
  • SAR body : 0.98
  • SAR body