Magsafe, Drops and Scratches: How to Choose the Perfect iPhone 14 Case

Updated on 28 June 2023

Are you looking for added protection for your latest iPhone 14? If yes, let us help you narrow down on the best options in the market. That’s right, avoid a bulky, poorly designed or unpleasant looking case. First, read through to find out how to choose the perfect iPhone 14 case.

Do I need a case with extra drop protection for my iPhone 14?

While a good iPhone 14 series case adds an extra protection layer, it should also be the right fit. In other cases, this iPhone accessory has added features like cash card holders and kickstands, while others double as fashion statements. It would be great if the case is available in multiple colours and designs.

The iPhone 13 series closely resembles the iPhone 14 series. That said, there are notable design variations like slight changes in the screen size and button positions. Therefore, if you had thought of retaining your iPhone 13 Plus case for your iPhone 14, you better adjust your budget and consider slim feature cases. If you are still trying to figure out where to begin, our review here will help you decide.

From expert reviews, iPhones are made of a ceramic shield on the front and tough matchless matte-glass back to make them more durable. But is that enough protection for your expensive iPhone 14?

Sure you need a protective casing, but as you make a choice consider the following:

1. The Material

What is the best material for an iPhone 14 series case? Unfortunately, there's no perfect material. It all depends on personal choices. However, a few common materials are used in most iPhone cases. These are:

  • Leather or synthetic leather: Although it’s expensive and complex to find original leather, grip, elegance and comfort are guaranteed.

  • Silicone: Considered a safer option than plastics, silicone phone cases are cheaper, produced in multiple colours and give good grips. However, they catch dirt so fast plus pose a challenge to clean and slip the device in and out of the pockets.

  • Recycled plastic: Polycarbonate plastic is the most used material in iPhone cases because the case is easy to manufacture, lightweight and waterproof.

  • Carbon fibre: If you want a feather-weight, durable and futuristic look, a carbon fibre iPhone case must be on your shopping list. Even so, you’ll need to pay top dollar for the privilege.

  • Wood: Linseed and bamboo make better and more sustainable choices than plastic. This preference is suitable for people with great attention to a green future.

Metal: In terms of durability and high-feet drop protection, aluminium, brass and titanium iPhone cases are a great fit. However, you might face cell signal issues.


2. MagSafe Compatibility

Should every case be Magsafe compatible? It is not a must, but it's considerably preferable. The iPhone 14 generation has this in-built feature especially for charging; so should your iPhone case. A case with Magsafe compatibility has lots of advantages.

You could be a student who wants your ID and cash card in one place. Attach a Magsafe wallet on the backside of the case. Charge your iPhone by attaching your battery pack to the Magsafe case. Talk of a Magsafe pop socket as a phone stand and holder, Magsafe car mounts and charging stands. All these are advantages of Magsafe compatibility that make it easier and more efficient to switch and swap accessories by attaching and detaching. Your only worry should be keeping the magnetism on for a long time.

Some manufacturers have added an antimicrobial layer to keep off infectious germs and make the iPhone fingerprint-free from constant touch. While giving drop protection, other cases have a scratch-resistant layer.


3. Your Budget

There’s no standard figure of how much an iPhone case should cost. The prices differ depending on the material the case is made of, Magsafe compatibility, and the additional features fused in the casing.

From economic considerations, plastic and silicone take the honours and second runners-up, respectively, with carbon fibre cases being the most expensive. However, with all factors constant, you can get a standard iPhone case that can go up to £50.

If you are working on a low budget, at the Back Market, quality iPhone cases, on average, are available at lower than £20. We expect that once we have iPhone 14 generation cases in stock, they will retail at the same low prices. The cases are made of nano-liquid, recycled plastic, compostable and silicone materials. They offer firm grip and drop protection and a 12-month warranty.

4. Eco-friendly Cases

Let’s consider some maths now. Think of the number of people getting phone cases with every new phone. Suppose the phone casing materials were not biodegradable; such a trend would be detrimental to our environment.

The best iPhone cases, fortunately, are sustainable brands made with eco-friendly materials and packaged in renewable materials. In place of fast plastics and other harmful fabrics that end up in landfills, most iPhone case manufacturers are moving towards a greener future powered by the 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' principle.

Compostable materials used in design don't compromise durability and design (as some may think) but are designed for functionality. Such biodegradable materials used in producing iPhone 14 Pro cases include wheat straw, soy-based prints and linseed plants which are first turned into pellets and later moulded into cases. Cases made from bamboo leverage durability and the abundance of the plant. Cork and wood are also used because they are environmentally friendly.

As you choose your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max case, ensure that it's made of 100% plastic-free material.

5. Additional Features Like Built-in Card Slots or Kickstands

If you are the kind of user that prefers comfort more than anything else, you must pay for the comfort. An iPhone 14 case with a kickstand allows for a hands-free landscape or portrait mode.

Though they come at an extra dollar, the best-reviewed iPhone cases come with polycarbonate exteriors and shock-absorbing TPU interiors. The exterior has slots for two or more credit cards. An air cushion technology and a double layer come in handy.

👉 Tip: Consider sturdy iPhone cases with such features as mentioned earlier to guard you against shocks while reading and comfort when watching movies.


6. Unique Designs and Personal Preference

Stylishly keep your expensive tech safe. It would be unbecoming to spend so much on a gadget and fail to spend a little more on a quality case for its protection.

As you factor in functionality and longevity, don't overlook your taste and preference. The casing is the best accessory for an Apple iPhone because it complements your general look.


Parting thoughts

There’s a wide variety of iPhone 14 series case designs to choose from. We have slim-fits, bulky, sturdy cases for firm grips and butter fingers. You can search for a specific colour and design to add more sparkle to your phone. Your preference may be anchored on your 'pocket size' or some specific feature. The good thing is, whatever you need is available in the market.

No matter the consideration, be sure to pick the best and most stylish case since iPhones are classy devices. By sacrificing a little more money for a quality case with ease of use, you get maximum protection while also minding the environment.


Written by HaziqTech Expert for Back Market UK, Ireland & Australia

When not fighting the good fight for environmental sustainability, Haziq loves making reviews of everything and anything tech-related.

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