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  • I

    Iain H.

    Purchased on the 29 April 2024

    I bought a Sony Xperia 10 iii from BackMarket, refurbished in good condition, for a very good price! I was after a new phone (well, refurbished!) I spent days looking at all the Sony Xperia phone's available, until I decided on the Sony Xperia 10 iii. I was/am extremely happy with the phone I received! The condition was described as Good. But honestly, when I took it out of the very well packaged box, it looked Brand new!! I knew it only comes with a charging cable, so as soon as I bought my phone I bought an Official Sony wall Charging plug, just to make sure the phone is recieving the correct voltage when charging. I am very impressed with the phone! I have had a couple of old Sony Ericsson phones, years ago, and they were my favourite phones I've had. So glad I decided to go back to Sony, after having Samsung phones I didn't really like. The build quality is second to none. The phone looks incredible. The screen is slightly narrow with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Apparently a lot of people don't like it, but it is perfect for YouTube, or watching film's. I only have one little gripe with the phone! The volume isn't all that loud, through the phone itself or the use of headphones or ear...
    Sony Xperia 10 III 128GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 13 May 2024

  • J

    James L.

    Purchased on the 4 December 2023

    I wanted a simple, good quality smart phone to give as a Christmas present so bought a refurbished iPhone 6S 32GB in excellent condition. The phone I got fits the bill and arrived within the specified period sensibly packaged. I’m pleased with my purchase and I’m sure the recipient is pleased with their gift.
    iPhone 6S 32GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 27 December 2023

  • E

    Eden M.

    Purchased on the 3 March 2024

    Really Happy with my first Back Market Order. My expectations were very low, but I was surprised to get a mobile with very minimal wear and scratches. The phone looks like its only been used for a few weeks and works perfectly (which is amazing for a 'fair' grade phone). Big Shoutout to the refurbisher "Tech Check Ltd". Really happy with my purchase and highly recommend Back Market.
    Google Pixel 5 128GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 5 March 2024

  • S

    Stephen M.

    Purchased on the 3 December 2023

    This iphone 6s was described as "excellent". It arrived within two days and it looks, feels and operates like a brand new phone. Apps open instantaneously. To be honest though, having never used an iphone before, I've found it's a lot more than I need, although it would be fine as a mini tablet. Also, the metal case feels cold and it's already slipped from my hand once. Having seen what an iphone is like, I'm actually going to try a dumbphone for a while!
    iPhone 6S 32GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 17 December 2023

  • L

    Leann S.

    Purchased on the 7 April 2024

    Phone is definitely light and thin (I wanted something compact and is was a s small as I could find) and a more powerful upgrade than my old Xperia. I disappointed with continued move to Google everything - no sony specific messaging, albums, files etc. As far as I can see at the mo. My phone also has several Japanese aps that are auto installed and can't be removed - not sure if this is Sony or from previous user.
    Sony Xperia 10 III 128GB - Blue - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 21 April 2024

  • F

    Francesca D.

    Purchased on the 18 November 2023

    Computer is in great shape, delivered quickly, easy to set up and works well. The battery life is disappointing, but this might be a Dell issue. Otherwise the computer is exactly as described and barely a mark on it even in the 'fair condition.
    Dell XPS 13 9380 13-inch Core i7-8565U - SSD 256 GB - 8GB QWERTY - English

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 4 December 2023

  • S

    Stacey G.

    Purchased on the 4 April 2024

    Website is very easy to use and explains everything with information being easily accessible. I had a little worry about a 2nd hand phone, but it's better for the environment,and all I really need it to do is work and that it does! The phone was in perfect condition,just a charge and it was ready to go. After a couple of weeks use, the battery seems to go a little quicker than my last device,but I expected that from a 2nd hand device. The phone itself is great, had Sony's in the past and liked the set up. I have come from a high quality model Samsung, so the camera isn't quite as good, but it's still very good. (I'm one of those parents that takes multiple pics of my baby every day!) Love the colour, one of the reasons for my purchase, but had lots of people comment lovely things about it too. Communication from back market was great, had no issues, so no reason for any customer service. The only tiny annoyance was the delivery, I wanted to make sure I was home to receive it, was given a 4 hour window and it came 1-2 hours after this, so wasted a day really. But that's a royal mail thing I believe! Verdict: 2nd hand phone, do it. (I have had about 3 weeks now)
    Sony Xperia 10 III 128GB - Blue - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 25 April 2024

  • M

    Matt P.

    Purchased on the 24 March 2024

    I am very happy with the phone. It was bought as 'good' and the condition fits the description, screen is perfect and the body has a couple of minor marks. Everything seems to be working as if it was a new device. Would be good if it included a screen protector that is my only issue.
    Google Pixel 6 128GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 12 April 2024

  • B

    Binit H.

    Purchased on the 2 March 2024

    Works perfectly. Actually in better condition than i was expecting. The phone I bought was advertised as in fair condition but I think it was more good or excellent condition. Very happy with the purchase. It didn't come with the original charger etc but otherwise it was fine.
    Google Pixel 5 128GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 5 April 2024

  • S

    Seàcia M.

    Purchased on the 21 February 2024

    Laptop overall really good, wasn’t expecting it to be touch screen but it is. Sometimes sound doesn’t work so I have to restart it which is annoying and unfortunately the charger wire has a split in it so will probably need to be replaced very soon…
    Dell XPS 9360 13-inch (2016) - Core i7-8550U - 8GB - SSD 256 GB QWERTY - English

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 7 March 2024