Galaxy Note 10 Plus Vs Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Galaxy S10 Plus
Galaxy S10 Plus


Galaxy Note 10 PlusGalaxy S10 Plus
Width77.2 mm74.1 mm
Height162.3 mm157.6 mm
Weight196 g175 g
Thickness7.9 mm7.8 mm
Volume98.98 cm³91.09 cm³


Galaxy Note 10 PlusGalaxy S10 Plus
Resolution1440 x 3040 px1440 x 3040 px
Density498 ppi526 ppi
Size6.8 inches6.4 inches


Galaxy Note 10 PlusGalaxy S10 Plus
Battery capacity4300 mAh4100 mAh
Removable batteryNoNo
Wireless chargingYesYes
Fast chargingYesYes
Ultra power saving modeYesYes

*Refurbished devices sold on Back Market offer at least 85% of this maximum power


Galaxy Note 10 PlusGalaxy S10 Plus
Maximum storage512 GB128 GB
CPU frequency2.73 GHz2.7 GHz
External memory slotYesYes
RAM capacity12 GB12 GB
5G supportYesNo
LTE supportYesYes


Galaxy Note 10 PlusGalaxy S10 Plus
Front camera resolution10 MP10 MP
Main camera resolution16 MP16 MP
Multi lensYesYes
Optical zoomYesYes
Optical stabilizationYesYes
Slow motion videoYesYes
Main camera video resolution2160 px2160 px


Galaxy Note 10 PlusGalaxy S10 Plus
Stereo speakersYesYes
3.5mm jack socketNoYes
Number of microphones32

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Comparison

Samsung S10 Plus Specs vs Note 10 Plus Specs: why do both of these phones exist?

If you look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus specs and compare them to the Note 10 Plus specs,  you’ll quickly notice just how similar they are. The biggest difference between these phones is that the S10 Plus still has a 3.5mm headphone jack (if you already have a premium pair of wired headphones that you want to keep using with your smartphone), while the Note10 Plus drops the headphone jack and gives you the S-Pen (which sits inside the device). Otherwise, processor speed, screen quality, battery life, etc. all give you similar performance and daily use.

Samsung S10 Plus Size vs Note 10 Plus Size: which is a bigger plus?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus size is 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm. The Note 10 Plus size is 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm. This makes the Note 10 Plus bigger than the S10 Plus in each dimension. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen size is 6.4" with a 1440 x 3040-pixel resolution, and the Note 10 Plus screen size is 6.8" with the same 1440 x 3040-pixel resolution. So if you're looking for a smaller big phone, you'll enjoy the S10+, and if you want the biggest phone possible, try the Note10+ for size.

S10 Plus vs Note 10 Plus: is one really better than the other?

When choosing between these two phones, it's the details that are going to make the difference. As a Note 10 owner myself, I don’t think the S-Pen is as useful as I initially hoped it would be, and I rarely find myself using it anymore. Something that many found annoying about the S10 Plus is the large cutout on the front of the screen that houses the two front-facing cameras. And it would be easier to bear if one of those cameras would at least give you the ability to shoot wide-angle selfies with your friends/family, but that second camera is just made to improve portrait background blur and AR Emoji functionality. Annoying, huh? I don’t know, maybe this is acceptable for you, we’re not going to crown any clear winner in our S10 Plus vs Note 10 Plus comparison, because the truth is that it’s very hard to say which one of these phones is clearly better than the other. So go ahead and buy the refurbished Note10 Plus or the refurbished S10 Plus, whichever floats your boat :)

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