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    Erika P.

    Purchased on the 27 November 2023

    Saved myself £160-180ish on my new phone! That was on top of factoring in a seasonal sale. According to accubattery app the battery health is at about 96%! The phone housing was in mint condition. The screen did have two tiny scratches which I could only see when meticulously inspecting the phone on its arrival using a bright spot lamp while holding the phone at an angle. In reality they are not visible under any normal lighting conditions and never visible when the screen is on regardless of viewing distance or angle. I highly recommend buying refurbished if this is the quality you get, the money you save can go into insurance or simply your pocket. As a side note I highly recommend the official Sony "style cover" as the phone feels like it was designed around it.
    Xperia 1V 256GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 13 December 2023

  • I

    Ibolya T.

    Purchased on the 25 March 2024

    When I first charged my new refurbished phone it was charging very slowly maybe because it was freezing cold on arrival. After the first time! Here were no problems at all. Phone looks like new and works perfectly just like a new one. From now on I think I'll only by refurbished.
    Xiaomi 12T Pro 256GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 7 April 2024

  • K

    Katie H.

    Purchased on the 22 March 2024

    This was the first time me using this website and I must admit, I was worried about receiving this order. However, it got to me in great condition. Packaged really nicely. Considering the condition of the phone is ‘fair’ and refurbished, you can’t even tell. Works absolutely perfectly and good as new. I’m really chuffed with this phone. Thank you back market for excellent service. I didn’t want to get myself into another phone contract so this is perfect for me. Really happy customer. Thank you so much
    iPhone 7 32GB - Rose Gold - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 26 March 2024

  • W

    Wendel B.

    Purchased on the 2 December 2023

    The item was as stated in excellent condition and was flawless. Package was well packaged. I am always doubtful of refurbished items but this purchase has knocked it out of the park. Very good value for money and has a years warranty. We'll done Back Market. Keep up the good standard!
    Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 256GB - Black - WiFi + 5G

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 18 December 2023

  • S

    Stephen M.

    Purchased on the 18 November 2023

    I'm very pleased with my new refurbished phone its looks brand new. I couldn't see any marks or scratches on it at all. Ordering was easy, delivery was on time & quick. Well worth saving yourself hundreds of pounds buying it this way.
    Galaxy Z Flip5 256GB - Gray - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 5 December 2023

  • J

    Jack C.

    Purchased on the 8 November 2023

    I was very glad the phone arrived in the condition as described. I bought this in confidence knowing backmarket offer highly competitive prices for refurbished phones and I can safely and confidently day as a first time customer that this is the case. Thank you for the ease of use of your website too!
    Galaxy A71 128GB - Black - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 22 November 2023

  • C

    Callum H.

    Purchased on the 17 February 2024

    The phone arrived with not a single blemish on the surface, which I would say is way more than "very good" condition. I often forget to charge my phone, and with my old phone i would have to charge it multiple times a day, but that's not a problem with this phone, the battery can last for multiple days it's amazing!!! Highly recommend buying refurbished over brand new, can't even tell the difference!!!
    Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB - Grey - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 3 March 2024

  • P

    Philip S.

    Purchased on the 20 January 2024

    Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB ordered, excellent condition paid for. Phone screen and case are fine and have no issues, the phone looks pretty much brand new. Had it for 2 weeks now and running AccuBattery Pro app to check battery health, currently at 88% following a few full charges. Better than expected. Overall I am very satisfied with the phone.
    Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB - Dark Gray - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 25 January 2024

  • L

    Lorraine H.

    Purchased on the 16 November 2023

    4th time of buying a iPhone 7 for my granddaughter's. Item arrive very quickly as described and better, iPhone looked brand new. My Grandaughter will be so pleased when she opens the phone up on Christmas day.
    iPhone 7 32GB - Silver - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 27 November 2023

  • K

    Kenny M.

    Purchased on the 22 March 2024

    Fantastic I have beenen want to fix my Mum’s iPhone 8 that’s battery expanded out the case but although I bought screen and battery I no longer have to concern wit h fixing it as it can wait untilI’ll sombidy I know is good with these thingsNHS can fix it. I bought it for her birthday and she’s extremely happy Cheers Ken I very rarely also put reviews on trust pilot but did as one good turn deserves another
    iPhone 8 256GB - Gold - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 30 March 2024