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Huawei P9

Huawei P9 32GB - Silver - Unlocked

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7 verified reviews in the last 6 months.

  • C

    Constantin L.


    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 15 January 2024

    Very good condition working perfectly
    Huawei P9 32GB - Silver - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 3 January 2024

  • M

    Massimo G.


    Reviewed in Italy on 9 January 2024

    Il telefono è perfetto come nuovo funziona benissimo e non ho avuto nessun problema. L'imballo era un po' rimediato ma ha funzionato a dovere e il telefono è arrivato in perfette condizioni. La batteria valuto che sia al 75% massimo 80, quindi con forme a quelle che erano le aspettative. Mi piace avere un telefono di vecchio tipo anche perché tra i nuovi avere un telefono di 147 g non è possibile. Rifarò l'acquisto in condizioni simili 😜
    Huawei P9 32GB - Grey - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 20 December 2023

  • T

    Thomas M.


    Reviewed in Germany on 13 November 2023

    Sehr gut
    Huawei P9 32GB - Grey - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 7 April 2023

  • T

    Thierry F.


    Reviewed in France on 28 September 2023

    la batterie tien moins de 2 jour en veille sans aplis en service
    Huawei P9 32GB - Silver - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 27 April 2023

  • M

    Marjolaine A.


    Reviewed in France on 24 September 2023

    Comme neuf,fonctionne très bien, livraison rapide
    Huawei P9 32GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 9 September 2023

  • M

    Mélanie G.


    Reviewed in France on 29 August 2023

    ça fait 2 mos que j attends un téléphone qui fonctionne. Vous me l avez renvoyé à 2 reprises cassé!! et là vous me remboursez 4.99€ au lieu de 94 !! voleur que vous êtes! j'ai été obligé de me racheter un téléphone vosu vous doutez bien en 2 mois!! je ne veux plus rien racheter sur voter site, epargnez moi vos avoirs !
    Huawei P9 32GB - White - Unlocked

    Purchased on the 19 July 2023

  • G

    Garance R.


    Reviewed in France on 26 September 2023

    il se décharge et chauffe très rapidement et est très lent
    Huawei P9 32GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Purchased on the 1 September 2023

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the Huawei P9 32GB - Silver - Unlocked

Huawei P9 32 GB - Silver - Unlocked

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Huawei P9 32GB - Silver - Unlocked

  • Colour : Silver
  • SIM card : Unlocked
  • Screen size (in) : 5.2
  • Storage : 32 GB
  • Memory : 3 GB
  • Model : Huawei P9
  • Megapixels : 12
  • OS : Android