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Refurbished Xbox 360

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Refurbished Xbox 360 devices

Get an affordable refurbished Xbox 360 from Back Market

If you’ve been longing for an Xbox 360 so you can play all the latest games with your friends, you’re in the right place. Get a cheap Xbox 360 that’s been fully refurbished, is certified and comes with a one-year guarantee.

Pre-owned cheap Xbox 360

Your refurbished Xbox 360 will be second-hand, but still be in excellent working order. You can choose the condition that suits your budget – if you don’t mind a few small scratches or marks you can save even more money. But no matter what aesthetic state you choose, we promise your Xbox 360 will have been rigorously tested by our team of expert technicians so it reaches you like new. You really won’t know the difference when you buy a refurbished Xbox 360 from us.

High-performance gaming at low prices

No matter which game you’re hooked on, you’ll experience great gaming quality when you buy a refurbished Xbox 360. The 360 comes with plenty of space to store your games, a selection of colours and with the money you save you could buy some specialist gaming accessories. We sell the refurbished Xbox 360 for up to 60% less than the original manufacturer’s price, which means plenty of cash left in your budget for some new headphones, a mouse, keyboard or camera (all refurbished of course!).

If you want to keep costs to a minimum, buy a refurbished Xbox 360 that’ll work like it’s brand new.