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It's that time of the year when students return to densely packed lecture halls (covid permitting 😟) , get to know new folk during freshers week, and maybe even learn a thing or two. To be fully prepared for your studies, you might need a few gadgets to make your student life that little bit easier. So if you are on the look-out for great student deals, there's no need to look any further: At Back Market, we offer students a wide variety of refurbished tech that is more sustainable and affordable. It's a win-win. Did we also mention that we offer a student discount - meaning you can get a further 5% off all products? Not bad eh?

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  • 30 days to change your mind
  • 12-month minimum warranty
  • Free delivery on all products
  • Ratings from our Customers : 4.5/5

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  • Test : iPhone XR

    Why a Refurbished iPhone XR is affordable superior functionality

    Since the very first iPhone was launched more than a decade ago, every September there’s a customary annual rush to own the latest model. As the technology improves and more features have been added, the price tag has steadily crept up to a front-page grabbing £1000. But that’s all well and good if you simply can’t do without the very latest iPhone—a lot of us out here can’t either. But what if all you want is a lightning-fast iPhone with excellent features without stretching your purse strings too much?

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  • iphone-best-value-money

    Which iPhone is the best value for money?

    Can you believe the first iPhone was only released in 2007? Neither can we. It feels as though our beloved Apple iPhone handsets have been glued to hands for life. :D For those of us who are die-hard Apple fans, the only real question at Black Friday or contract renewal time is which iPhone to choose. Looking to save a bit of cash into the bargain - and buy before Black Friday comes around? Welcome to the wonderful world of Back Market, where we'll save you serious money on the best value iPhones available. Let's dig deeper into this joyous world of affordable premium technology...

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  • Refurbished macBook Air

    How to choose your Macbook Air ?

    Deciding what MacBook to get is never easy with the frequent new releases and new technology. And most people do not know what to look when getting one. To pick the right Mac, you need to consider the purpose of the device. If the Mac is for sending emails, skyping, or using Instagram, you do not need an expensive laptop. While people looking for a gaming laptop will go for Macs with higher processor speeds. There are various factors to consider when getting a Mac; the cost, the laptop’s processor, memory just to mention a few.

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  • iphone x vs iphone xr

    iPhone X vs iPhone XR

    In the 21st century, mobile phones have become somewhat of an additional limb for everyone. Well, except the few who refuse to be in touch with the times. When it comes to mobile phones, no discussion can be genuinely complete without mentioning iPhones. These Apple products have come to epitomize class and functionality in the smartphone sector.

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  • Refurbished macbook pro

    How to choose a Macbook pro ?

    Ah! So you want a portable computer, and have settled on the gold standard of laptops, Apple's cherished MacBook Pro collection. Great choice! Pretty back-lit keyboards.. a smooth multi-touch track pad, and an overall enjoyable user experience. What's even better? Apple has abandoned those flimsy Butterfly keyboards (a carpal nightmare, weren't they?) and replaced them with the super intuitive Magic Touch Keyboards.

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