You can't put a price on quality, except in this case: £2.99

This fee is allowing Back Market to invest in quality control by our refurbishers, to offer you the best experience possible in buying refurbished products.

Back Market Quality Service

Why does Back Market charge a Service Fee on my Order?

Our goal is to create a quality standard as rigorous as when buying new, by monitoring, training and supporting refurbishers, that we pick carefully. This requires significant investments, among them:

  • A “quality team” of more than 130 personnel, monitoring performance and reliability of our merchants on a daily basis
  • A super responsive Customer Care team, here to help you in case anything goes wrong or in case of dispute with a merchant 
  • Tens of mystery orders made monthly to test our refurbishers. Just to make sure they are fully compliant with our quality chart.
  • An innovation lab where we dissect devices sold on Back Market to verify technical quality and share best practices with our refurbisher partners


  • Many other services to improve customer experience - among them buyback of your old devices, real-time delivery tracking, provision of eco-responsible packaging, etc


This service fee is also allowing us to finance Back Market’s future “environmental” projects, for example the creation of an ecovadis label for our merchants, the introduction of a carbon footprint ratio per product (starting in october 2021), and many others!

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our actions on quality - please reach out to us :

Brian Back Market
By Brian, Marketing Manager Back Market UK & Ireland

When not talking about the latest eco-friendly tech and reducing our carbon footprint, Brian enjoys the odd game of football, a classic horror (book or film) or just to kick back with a beer or a proper Scottish whisky. Slàinte Mhath!

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