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  • N

    Nawaj S.

    Purchased on the 14 December 2023

    Intro: Rise of the Space Black Phoenix: The iPhone 14 Pro 256GB from Back Market isn’t just a phone; it's a comeback story in a sleek Space Black suit. Unboxing this beauty felt like revealing a secret agent gadget – classy, cool, and with a license to thrill. Craftsmanship: Darth Vader Would Be Jealous: This phone’s build is so premium, it makes other phones look like they’re wearing hand-me-downs. Space Black is not just a color; it’s an attitude. And refurbished? More like, it's been to a spa and back. Performance: Like a Cheetah on a Rocket: Powered by the A16 Bionic, this device is faster than my ability to make puns. 256GB means I can hoard apps like a digital squirrel and still have room for more. Photography Wizard: Hogwarts Certified: The camera turns every shot into a masterpiece. I mean, if Van Gogh had a smartphone, this would be it. Night mode isn't just a feature; it's a nocturnal magic show. Display: Your Eyes Will Thank You: The Super Retina XDR display is so vibrant, rainbows would feel insecure. And with ProMotion, scrolling is smoother than my best pick-up lines. Battery Life: Energizer Bunny's Role Model: It lasts longer than my resolve to avoid sweets. And...
    iPhone 14 Pro 256GB - Space Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 19 December 2023

  • C

    Cat C.

    Purchased on the 8 March 2024

    Aye my refurbished iPhone 13 is grand. Phone came quickly and well wrapped. It’s a Fair model so it has bumps and paint scrapes but no dents or bashes. The battery goes up to 100% which I’m chuffed about. Refurbished phones are definitely the way forward. Has taken a bit of time going from a Samsung to Apple, no proper back button and the set up of picture scrolling and a few other things aren’t as good. Will probably go back to Samsung with my next phone but wanted to try Apple for once. Would highly recommend BackMarket, good little unit altogether.
    iPhone 13 128GB - Blue - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 28 March 2024

  • J

    John N.

    Purchased on the 9 February 2024

    Super happy with my Google Pixel 7 Pro, good price, fantastic phone spec. Battery life is great for reconditioned device. This is probably my 5th device fro Back Market which is now my go to for tech.
    Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 26 February 2024

  • V

    Valerie M.

    Purchased on the 21 February 2024

    I ordered a "Fair" refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max and I am very pleased with my purchase. The phone arrived quickly and looks brand new, the only slight issue is that the camera has been unrecognised by apple as I think it was replaced but it works just fine.
    iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB - Graphite - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 23 February 2024

  • J

    John S.

    Purchased on the 4 March 2024

    I've had my Iphone 14 Pro Max for just over a month and am delighted. New to refurbished and the things i was worried about: screen marks, poor battery life, turned out to be unneccessary concerns. 'Good' condition meant, from my perspective, a pristine screen and back and the merest small marks along the edge of the casing only noticed under close examination. A huge step up from my Iphone X. Almost £400 less than i'd pay new and only £10 more for the Max version. The idea of buying new now seems insane. Oh, and it arrived in 2 days from order.
    iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB - Space Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 19 March 2024

  • B

    Bejay B.

    Purchased on the 6 February 2024

    Happy with purchase, I brought the fair condition, and the phone has been delivered looking brand new! so happy with my iPhone 13. glad I chose refurbished then buying a new phone will continue to buy from BM in the future.
    iPhone 13 128GB - Blue - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 14 February 2024

  • M

    Maxine M.

    Purchased on the 16 October 2023

    I am very happy with my iPhone 11 from Back Market. I am not a big technocratic and but wanted something more reliable than my 6s. I am getting used to it as there are differences. I am pleased to have found Back Market and proud that I have been able to help the environment by buying a reconditioned phone. Thanks!
    iPhone 11 64GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 15 January 2024

  • H

    Huda H.

    Purchased on the 29 December 2023

    I recently purchased a used iPhone 13 Pro Max from Back Market, and I'm incredibly impressed. The device's condition is exceptional, resembling new, and Back Market's pricing offers unbeatable value. I appreciate their commitment to sustainability, reducing electronic waste, and their efficient, reliable service. Most importantly, my son is delighted with his 'new' iPhone. Back Market delivers top-tier quality, affordability, and eco-consciousness. The battery is in excellent health, 93%! I highly recommend Back Market to anyone seeking high-quality refurbished electronics. Thank you, Back Market, for a fantastic experience!
    iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB - Alpine Green - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 15 January 2024

  • S

    Sandra W.

    Purchased on the 30 November 2023

    On the whole I’m happy with the condition of the phone. However, given it is an ‘Excellent’’ rating I’m disappointed that the Battery Health is only 85%. My sister who also purchased a refurbished IPhone 12 with an Excellent rating has 97% Battery Health.
    iPhone 12 128GB - Blue - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 28 December 2023

  • P

    Panashe B.

    Purchased on the 6 December 2023

    It was my first time buying a refurbished phone and all I can say is I am just impressed. I bought an iphone 12 pro good (condition) and it was perfect. It looked new and had no scratches at all. The battery was at 89%.
    iPhone 12 Pro 256GB - Graphite - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 24 December 2023