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Where are all the Refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8?

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Refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8

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Refurbished Mi 8 devices from Back Market: get a technological masterpiece for a low price

Smartphones are ubiquitous in modern life. But these pocket computers can be expensive to buy for many people, on account of their impressive responsiveness and ability to take high-quality photos and capture insiring video. With a refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8 from Back Market, you can join the club with a low-cost smartphone that packs a real punch.

Elegance and performance with a cheap Xiaomi Mi 8 that’s been refurbished by Back Market

If you buy a Xiaomi Mi 8 from the store, it will likely set you back many hundreds of dollars. To save money, you might consider buying a second-hand Xiaomi Mi 8, but that can be risky. This is where a refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8 from Back Market can help. Each certified pre-owned Xiaomi Mi 8 device we sell undergoes a series of tests to confirm that it’s working properly, before being repackaged and listed in our catalog for sale. Therefore, when you buy a Xiaomi Mi 8 from us you know it’s in perfect working order for total peace of mind.

The first time you hold your refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8, you’ll be impressed by the generosity of its OLED screen. This 6.22 inch panel, with a 2160 x 1080 pixel resolution and density of 388 ppi, offers superior image quality running on a powerful Qualcomm Adreno 630 graphics chip. 6GB of RAM supports the Snapdragon 845 system in ensuring your cheap Xiaomi Mi 8 can switch seamlessly between tasks.

The refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8 is an irresistible smartphone

A cheap Xiaomi Mi 8 is still a thing of beauty, thanks to its elegant lines and borderless screen. You can buy a refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8 to suit your personality by choosing between the three colors – black, blue or white. Two cameras are integrated into the glass back of the phone, each one with a 12 MP lense (aperture f / 1.8 for the portrait lens and f / 2.4 for the telephoto lens). And there’s an additional 20MP f / 2.0 aperture camera integrated onto the front side of the phone. Plus, different modes and AI support enable fine-tuning of settings for even better quality images.

As for video, your refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8 can capture recodings in 4K and at HD 30 fps, as well as capturing slow motion video in 720px at 240 fps. So the only limit to what you can capture is your creativity! To ensure you get to enjoy your new cheap Xiaomi Mi 8 risk-free, Back Market provides a 12-month minimum guarantee.

The refurbished Xiaomi Mi 8 from Back Market proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-performing smartphone.