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Where are all the Refurbished iPhone 6?

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Refurbished iPhone 6

Refurbished iPhone 6 devices

Choose a refurbished iPhone 6 from Back Market and save lots of cash

Smartphones can set you back a fortune and quickly devalue once they are no longer brand new. There’s no need to shell out huge amounts of money to get a high-tech iPhone 6 with a 12-month guarantee period.

The secret to spending less on a smartphone is to get a certified used iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 boasts a higher spec camera than previous iPhone models, suiting those who enjoy taking regular snaps on their smartphone. This is the perfect choice of smartphone for those looking for an all-rounder, phone and camera in one compact device. The phone has a 4.7-inch screen, an A8 dual-core chip clocked at 1.4 Gh and 1GB of RAM, making a pre-loved iPhone 6 a sound choice. The user experience is seamless and intuitive on all the phone’s features including the fantastic camera.

Buying an inexpensive iPhone 6 from Back Market

The price is one of the intriguing parts of buying a refurbished iPhone 6. This model is no longer available to purchase on the official Apple site, however this device is still advanced enough to offer users all the features they are familiar with and need in a smartphone. With the security of buying your iPhone 6 with Back Market’s guarantee, you know you are protected if anything goes wrong and your refurbished iPhone will be as good as new. Take your pick from the different options available for this smartphone and start your order:

  • A 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB iPhone 6 – think about what media you’ll need to store based on your current habits with music, photos and apps.
  • An iPhone 6 in space grey, gold or silver. Choose the colour that suits you!
  • Select your 12-month guarantee as standard. For added peace of mind in case of any issues or faults with your device. Either have it repaired at no cost to you or get a no-hassle refund.

Buy a preloved iPhone 6 for under 250 pounds

It sounds almost too good to be true, but an iPhone 6 can be bought in whatever colour and spec you need for under 250 pounds – there’s no need to spend a fortune to own the latest smartphone tech. The best part about purchasing a second-hand smartphone from a trusted reseller like Back Market, as opposed to a private seller, is that you are covered in case of fault. No nasty surprises because each device is thoroughly checked by a Back Market expert to ensure the highest quality both of the inside components and hardware. Once in full working order, it is re-packaged and sent to you to enjoy.

Opting for a refurbished iPhone 6 means not compromising on quality but making huge savings on the latest tech. To top it off, you are supporting a more sustainable way to purchase devices by giving used smartphones a fresh lease of life, thus reducing electronic waste.