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Refurbished iPhone 12 White

Refurbished iPhone 12 White's customer reviews


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  • D

    Dean G.

    Purchased on the 16 March 2024


    Decided to try out a refurbished phone and have to say i'm really impressed. went for an iPhone 12 in "good" condition and it's in perfect condition. Battery percentage is at 85% but i don't mind that as i know it will still have an original apple battery

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 20 March 2024

    iPhone 12 64GB - Green - Unlocked
  • A

    Andrew T.

    Purchased on the 19 January 2024


    iphone 12 was purchased for a family member and i chose the excellent condition handset. Phone was delivered within a few days and it was perfect! Screen and general handset had zero blemishes etc, it started up like a brand new iphone with the set up as you would expect with a new device. Of course saved some money buying a refurbished device but it also reduces the general environmental impact you would associate with a brand new phone. The only thing that would make this better would be if the phone came in an apple box. I bought one on line to put the phone in (a tenner online!) Would recommend buying a refurb through back market.

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 29 January 2024

    iPhone 12 128GB - White - Unlocked
  • D

    David M.

    Purchased on the 15 March 2024


    Hi - I ordered an "excellent" condition iPhone 12 128GB from Back Market. Previously I had an iPhone SE so despite being quite an old phone now the iPhone 12 was a big step up for me. I'm enjoying the significantly better camera and the larger screen. Also I'm not missing the home button. The phone was pretty much as I expected and was in very good condition. There was one noticeable scuff mark on the lower outside casing but apart from that the phone looked as new. The battery runs down a little quicker than my iPhone SE but nothing significant here. Overall I'm delighted with my purchase and will definitely be recommending Back Market to anyone in the market for a refurbished phone. I will no doubt be looking to upgrade in the next year or two and will definitely be revisiting Back Market to see what is available.

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 24 March 2024

    iPhone 12 128GB - Black - Unlocked
  • M

    Maksym B.

    Purchased on the 6 May 2024


    I ordered an iPhone 12 in excelent condition. Arrived without scratches, defects and 100% battery health. Would recommend this seller. There are also no notifications about non-original spare parts. The charging cable that came with the phone is slightly bent at the end of the wire, in general I think that it is not original... but I think there is nothing wrong with that. Lens is excellent as well. The packaging was good, worse than the original but great for a refurbished product. The only thing is that I waited a very long time after ordering for confirmation of arrival. There is no button to confirm the order, so you have to wait. I don’t know how long I waited, but I received the phone on May 8th, and I ordered it on the 6th, and for a week I looked at the status of the order to write a review and did not wait. After two weeks I can do it, but this is the fault of the marketplace and not the seller. Excellent as ordered! Thanks!

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 1 July 2024

    iPhone 12 128GB - White - Unlocked
  • S

    Savina T.

    Purchased on the 4 June 2024


    It is the second iphone I bought from Backmarket and I am really pleased, chose the Excellent condition and they are both excellent, like new. The only thing is that I think the battery has been replaced with a new one but it doesn’t last as much as a new apple battery, it is as if it was with a battery life on around 85% life. Still, it is not a new phone and for the price you can’t expect everything to be like a new one so I am very pleased and will continue buying refurbished phones from here. Thank you for the perfect service and fast delivery!

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 1 July 2024

    iPhone 12 128GB - Purple - Unlocked
  • J

    Jolanda D.

    Purchased on the 16 February 2024


    I am pleasantly surprised about how perfect my refurbished iPhone is. I thought I took a gamble by not going for the top-rated 'Excellent' condition, but chose 'Good' instead. Well, the phone I received had no blemishes or marks on it and works perfectly, so I am a very happy customer. I can highly recommend this company as they do have the best deals, their website is very informative and easy to navigate and their trade-in service is also excellent. You can reuse the packaging for this and it's a very straight forward process. Highly recommended.

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 22 March 2024

    iPhone 12 64GB - Blue - Unlocked
  • N

    Nick P.

    Purchased on the 15 March 2024


    Another phone sent with ooor battery health at 82%. Now need to replace battery at another cost of £80. Makes it a very expensive used phone. I used to come to Backmarket because the sellers were good and the phone’s refurbished properly. Not now I will compare with other places.

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 20 March 2024

    iPhone 12 64GB - White - Unlocked
  • D

    David P.

    Purchased on the 22 February 2024


    An excellent phone delivered on time and in very good condition,this is the first time I’ve bought a refurbished phone on line but I wouldn’t hesitate to do so in the future,an excellent service thank you.

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 10 March 2024

    iPhone 12 64GB - Black - Unlocked
  • N

    Nicholas B.

    Purchased on the 7 February 2024


    Really pleased with the phone and the service. We've purchased refurbished phones from other retailers previously and have not had a great experience, so really refreshing to get a great phone this time.

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 7 March 2024

    iPhone 12 128GB - Black - Unlocked
  • V

    Victoria L.

    Purchased on the 11 February 2024


    I was initially very sceptical about the idea of buying a refurbished phone, but was very pleased with the iPhone I received (which was delivered very promptly too!) and its condition. Would be very happy to recommend Back Market to other customers too. Thank you

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 28 February 2024

    iPhone 12 128GB - Purple - Unlocked
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