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Become a Back Market brand ambassador

  • Open to all students
  • Sign up in 1 minute
  • Use your socials for good
  • Earn prizes and cash

Post for the planet. Here’s how.

Boost your resume with Back Market

You won’t just have a great answer when your great-aunt asks you what you’re up to this semester. You’ll have real-world work experience working from time to time for a B Corp-certified leading tech brand (yep, that’s us).
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Why join Back Market

On top of great work experience, you’ll actually be doing good(er). Back Market is on a mission to do more with what we already have. We know that we can get the tech we need while cutting the planet a break — after all, refurbished tech has up to 92% less impact on the earth when it comes to e-waste, raw material usage, water waste, and carbon emissions.
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Wait, the planet?

How it works

It’s as easy as downloading an app (literally). After you download our app and sign up, you’ll create content promoting Back Market to share with your followers based on different missions. The more missions you complete, the more cash you earn — and the more you help your friends save on tech.
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What will I be asked to post?

It’s up to you. Once you download the app and register, you’ll have a range of tasks you can choose (or not choose) to complete, from simply re-sharing a story, to posting a picture with your device, or creating lifestyle content. Some activities could take as little as 30 seconds, while others need a few hours. TL;DR — we respect your time and know that Back Market isn’t the only thing on your calendar.

How often will I be asked to post?

Once again, it’s up to you. If you see a mission that doesn’t speak to you, there is no pressure to complete it. In fact, we want to tailor the missions to your interests and will ask you for your feedback as you participate in the program. We want to know what you like (and don’t like) doing.

What can I earn?

Cold hard cash, in the form of a direct deposit to your bank account. We’re working on Back Market merch as well — so stay tuned.

How much can I earn?

Payment for missions is calculated by completion and metrics like comments, views, and overall reach. Each mission will include a detailed explanation of reimbursement, so you’ll always know what to expect — and what to include in your post.

I’m not an influencer. Can I still apply? What if I don’t know what to post or I am not feeling inspired?

We’re not looking for influencers —just students who are interested in spreading the word about Back Market. If you’re worried about feeling inspired or not knowing what to post, know that in addition to details included in the mission, we always include examples to inspire you. Plus, Back Market staff is on hand to discuss any questions you might have and help support your content creation. And hey, if you’re interested in becoming an influencer? This is a great place to start getting hands-on content creation experience working with a brand.

When can I start?

How fast can you open the app store? If you’ve found this page, that means you can download the app and register immediately. Once you’re approved and go through our onboarding, you can start tackling the missions. We can’t wait to meet you!