Black Friday 2023

How to ‘game’ Black Friday 2023 for the best gaming monitor deal

Updated on 2 November, 2023 - Black Friday, we think it’s quite an unscrupulous event due to the fact it feeds consumerism towards a negative impact over the planet. However, we’ll save that conversation for another day! What’s important right now is how to keep your money safe during this period, which can really test your resolve financially. We provide some helpful tips on how to hack the system for the best gaming monitor deal this Black Friday.

When should I start looking for Black Friday gaming monitor deals?

Black Friday is traditionally a 1-day event that occurs the day after Thanksgiving in America. Following this thinking, Black Friday in 2023 will actually be on the 24th of November, however, retailers in the UK have generally started promotions from the beginning of the Black Friday week - some even start from the beginning of the month! This is either due to retailers taking advantage of the sales event, or possibly looking to avoid a stampede in their store for what normally is a 1-day event 🤦.

To be safe on when to start shopping on Black Friday for a gaming monitor, we recommend to start browsing from the start of the week. Adobe’s latest holiday shopping report indicates prices for electronics are at its lowest during Black Friday week.  

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What Black Friday gaming monitor deals can I expect in 2023?

Generally, Black Friday prices for gaming monitors are slashed by 15%-20% which can be great for the top-end products, but for anything low to mid-ranged then it won’t seem like a hefty difference. At best you may come across offers that can stretch up to 40% off, but this is certainly rare and we can’t guarantee there will be offers like this in 2023.

Who will participate in gaming monitor deals on Black Friday 2023?

The usual suspects we’ve noticed announcing Black Friday sales are Amazon, Currys, Argos, and John Lewis. Each retailer generally looks to offload old stock, thus it is worth researching their prices during the week before making your purchase.

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  • Amazon UK: