Back Market phone Trade-in

Sell my old phone for cash

  • 1. Get an offer from an expert refurbisher
  • 2. Ship your device for free
  • 3. Get cash in your bank account
  • 4. Do a happy dance for you and the planet

What happens after I ship my smartphone?

The refurbisher will receive your device, check and test it, and send you monies if everything looks good within 2 business days. If your smartphone doesn't match the assessment, no worries! You'll get a counteroffer based on the actual condition of your device. It's always up to you whether you accept or reject an offer. If you decide to reject, you'll get your smartphone sent back to you for free.

Got questions? No worries: we have the answers.

Do I also have to provide the accessories that came with my phone?

When you sell your smartphone via Back Market’s Trade In service, you’re only required to sell the phone itself. Don’t worry about including the charger, accessories, cable, etc.

What happens to the data stored on my old smartphone?

Used smartphones are automatically and completely wiped clean of all data as soon as they arrive at the factory. You don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

Can I send in a damaged / non-functioning phone?

Of course! All products are of value to our reconditioning partners. Worst-case scenario, we can give you the details of a charity where you can donate your device.

How does Back Market Trade-in work?

So, how does it work exactly? You send us your old phone, intended for resale, and we pay you, meaning you get some cash right away. You can shout from rooftops, "Back Market is awesome! The reconditioning champions strike again and now accept broken phones!" Isn’t it great? Making you happy is our mission in life, plus we love giving a new lease of life to old phones that may be lurking in your drawers.

It's a cinch to get cash for your phone. You can estimate its value via our site, with the confidence that recycling old phones is what we do best. If there's one thing we love, it's out-of-use phones. Even if your cell phone's screen's broken, we still recover its parts. 

A broken screen means it's time to sell your phone and then treat yourself to an inexpensive one from a dedicated refurbished phone website. Trust us, recycled cell phones are the future!

What’s more, even if the battery's on its way out, your phone's internal components are still worth their weight in gold (especially the gold components). Instead of throwing it in the trash, benefit from our Trade In service – what are you waiting for?

Now that you're an expert in the used phone game, rest assured that we have all the bases covered! You can now send your phone to us to be recycled and get paid in return. In short: old phone -> trade in -> money in your pocket. 🤑