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iPhone 7 Vs iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Starting from £76.99
iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone SE (2020) Starting from £223.00

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iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Value for money 2.9/5


iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Width 67.1 mm 67.3 mm
Height 138.3 mm 138.4 mm
Weight 138 g 148 g
Thickness 7.1 mm 7.3 mm
Volume 65.89 cm³ 67.99 cm³


iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Resolution 750 x 1334 px 750 x 1334 px
Density 326 ppi 326 ppi
Size 4.7 inches 4.7 inches


iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Battery capacity 1960 mAh* 1821 mAh*
Removable battery No No
Ultra power saving mode Yes Yes

*Refurbished devices sold on Back Market offer at least 85% of this maximum power


iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Maximum storage 256 GB 256 GB
CPU frequency 2.34 GHz 2.65 GHz
External memory slot No No
RAM capacity 2 GB 3 GB


iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Front camera resolution 7 MP 7 MP
Main camera resolution 12 MP 12 MP
Multi lens No No
Optical zoom No No
Flash Yes Yes
Optical stabilization Yes Yes
Slow motion video Yes Yes
Main camera video resolution 2160 px 2160 px


iPhone 7 iPhone SE (2020)
Stereo speakers Yes Yes
3.5mm jack socket No No
Number of microphones 3 3

iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone 7 Comparison

Is the iPhone SE really better than the iPhone 7?

If you look at the iPhone SE vs 7 and think they both look the same, and therefore probably have the same performance, let me be the first one to tell you that you’re wrong. Although the iPhone 7 still has some life left in it, you can expect Apple to stop supporting it with the newest iOS updates soon (if it hasn’t already by the time you’re reading this).

iPhone SE vs 7: processor and camera performance

But even if you’re not interested in getting Apple’s newest updates, the older age of the iPhone 7 also impacts other aspects of its performance. For one, it’s a slower device since its A10 Fusion chip is 3 generations behind the A13 Bionic featured in the iPhone SE. And if you compare the cameras on the iPhone 7 vs SE, you’ll notice that the SE is years ahead in almost every single way not because of significant hardware differences, but because Apple has given the camera in the iPhone SE a much more advanced “brain” that is able to sharpen, lighten, and really do some crazy cool magic to almost every image it snaps depending on the scenario.

iPhone SE vs 7: our overall verdict

So after reading the last two paragraphs, it may sound like we really like the iPhone SE and that we will suggest that you buy the refurbished iPhone SE. Well, we do really like the SE, but if you’re looking to get the cheapest possible iPhone, the 7 is still a great choice, and even though Apple may no longer be giving it the newest software updates after 2021 or 2022, it’s still a good device if you just want to use the basic functions of your iPhone and wouldn’t consider yourself a heavy user.

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