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  • T

    Tina G.

    Purchased on the 9 December 2023

    I admit I was nervous about getting a refurbished phone, but I can't really afford to pay a grand for a new hand set so I took the plunge. Got a really great and so far works fine. I'm really happy with the google pixel phone. The battery life so far is good. And yeah I'm really happy with this. I got a good price for my old Samsung too. I would definetly use back market again.
    Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB - Blue - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 22 December 2023

  • M

    Mélanie B.

    Purchased on the 28 January 2024

    Arrived very quickly (ordered Sunday eve, delivered on Tuesday), looks and feel brand new. With all expected accessories. Will definitely recommend (quality of pixel 8 pro's camera is so so good, and the phone is meeting all expectation so far)
    Pixel 8 Pro 256GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 2 March 2024

  • J

    John R.

    Purchased on the 8 March 2024

    Decided to dip my toes in the world of more modern tech than I had. Always liked Samsung phones so I thought why not buy an upgrade on my old phone. Being a septuagenarian this was a bold move for me. But I am very pleased with my new phone, it might take me awhile to figure out everything but I will have fun finding out.
    Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 128GB - Black - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 29 March 2024

  • J

    Jordan R.

    Purchased on the 15 April 2024

    Looks and feels as good as new! Fast, immaculately clean and fully functional. Too early to say how the battery life will be as these phones require some initial time to self optimise, but otherwise works great
    Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB - Grey - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 17 April 2024

  • A

    Anthony P.

    Purchased on the 17 March 2024

    Happy with item, very quick delivery within 48 hours and considering ordered on a Sunday. Only slight issue, item was classified as excellent however on close inspection, did notice 2 scratches to the watch body. Appreciate it is a second hand item.
    Apple Watch (Ultra) 2022 GPS 49 - Titanium Grey - Trail loop Blue

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 19 March 2024

  • K

    Kavya G.

    Purchased on the 24 February 2024

    it's fine for a second hand phone. Battery is no where close to the new phone but still decent. A fully charged phone in the morning lasts me till about 5-6pm with basic usage (phone calls and podcast). rest of the phone works flawlessly.
    Google Pixel 4a 128GB - Black - Unlocked

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 11 March 2024

  • G

    George M.

    Purchased on the 16 February 2024

    Service was fantastic and phone was immaculate but did have to talk to customer service about an issue with the postage label for my trade in which was an absolute joke. Customer service rep didn't read a word I said and repeated what I was saying back to them.
    Google Pixel 8 Pro 512GB - Black - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 4 March 2024

  • L

    Lauren S.

    Purchased on the 29 February 2024

    Phone is pristine and basically brand new. Packaging from seller could have been better. was basically plastic wrapped to a piece of cardboard but it got the job done and the phone arrived in one piece. happy to save £200 off a new one
    Google Pixel 8 128GB - Black - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 4 March 2024

  • J

    John B.

    Purchased on the 26 February 2024

    As with my previous purchase, the phone is fine. The only quibble was that the cable wasn't correct for the phone. It was a C type and was the same at both ends, by which I mean that it was the small C type at both ends, the same as would fit into other phones. The phone was for my son and fortunately the cable for his previous phone fitted so he could charge.
    Nokia 1.4 32GB - Grey - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 28 February 2024

  • J

    Joy D.

    Purchased on the 2 February 2024

    This was my 3rd phone purchase through Backmarket and I wasn't disappointed! Ordering was easy, the phone arrived before the original delivery date and was exactly as described - in fact it seemed like a new phone! 😀
    Galaxy S20 FE 128GB - White - Unlocked - Dual-SIM

    Reviewed in United Kingdom on 18 February 2024