Back Market Samsung Galaxy S20 Trade-in

Sell my Samsung Galaxy S20: earn up to £171

  • 1. Get an offer from an expert refurbisher
  • 2. Ship your device for free
  • 3. Get cash in your bank account
  • 4. Do a happy dance for you and the planet

What’s Back Market Trade-in?

An easy win for your wallet and the planet. Sell your unwanted electronics to professional refurbishers on Back Market — just complete the assessment and see the best offer for your device in as little as 2 minutes.

How does Trade-in work?

1. Get an offer from a professional refurbisher 2. Ship your device for free 3. Get cash in your bank account
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What goes into an offer?

Professional refurbishers make offers based on your device’s condition and its current market value. If you don’t get an offer right away, you can always try again — Trade-in offers depend on the market, so there’s always round 2.

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Trade in any Samsung phone and earn cash for reducing e-waste!

Trade in any Samsung phone and earn cash on your unwanted device. Get an offer from an expert refurbisher in 2 minutes, and if you're happy with the offer - simply ship your old device for free, and receive payment in 5 days.
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Sell my Samsung phone

Selling your old Samsung Galaxy S20

What do you usually do with your old used smartphones? There's probably a chance you've simply thrown it out in the garbage or you still have it collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. Well if you're considering moving on from your Galaxy S20, then maybe you should consider a different option that will reduce electronic waste and get you paid (win, win!). 

Enter Back Market. We'll buy your old smartphone and get you the best offer from one of our refurbishers. Plus, we'll help make the process easy on you so you don't have to stress about cluttered drawers or adding to our landfills with hazardous electronics.

How do I sell my old Samsung Galaxy S20?

Selling a used phone may be quite a hassle. You may need to go back and forth with prospective buyers to agree on a price, wait for the right bid on an auction site, or deal with poor customer service if you find a different site to sell through.

Spare yourself the trouble by contacting Back Market for your used Galaxy S20. You can get a fixed offer from us in just a couple minutes when you fill out our Trade-in questionnaire. You just need to answer a couple questions about the phone's condition, storage capacity, and functionality. Once you receive the offer, simply approve or reject it - it's that simple. If you choose to accept, we'll guide you through the next few steps on how to get paid.

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy S20 for? 

The offer for your old Samsung S20 depends on factors like the phone's condition and storage capacity. Phones that are in better condition and have a bigger capacity will land you more money in the end.

What if my Samsung Galaxy S20 is broken?

You can still receive an offer from Back Market even if your Samsung Galaxy S20 is not functioning properly or otherwise broken. Back Market accepts trade-ins for damaged Galaxy S20s, but it's important to complete the questionnaire accurately to reflect your phone's condition to avoid any potential counteroffers. Remember that functionality issues, scratches, and big cracks will affect the value of your offer. 

For future phones, remember to keep them well protected with cases and screen protectors so that when it comes time to sell, you can land a bigger offer.

How does shipping work after I receive an offer?

Back Market will cover your shipping fees if you choose to accept an offer. We will send you a prepaid shipping label in a confirmation email, which you will need to attach to your shipping box. You can request a shipping kit from Back Market or simply box your old smartphone yourself. Just ensure you use proper package material to protect the phone from damage while in transit. You can use paddings, junk mail, and old newspapers to wrap around your phone to stem any movement during transportation. Drop the package at an authorised location and your job is done! All that's left is to get a final approval on your offer from the buyer.

What do I need to do before selling my Samsung Galaxy S20?

Before shipping your Galaxy S20 to us, you will have to prep it accordingly:

  • Save all your contacts to your sim card or cloud and back them up. Ensure that there are no saved contacts on the device's memory. This move will save you from losing contacts when you change to a new smartphone.

  • Back up any other data that you would like to keep such as photos, videos, files etc.

  • Delete all the data from the phone through a factory reset and remove the SD card

  • Remove any screen passwords and screen locks

What happens once I've accepted the offer and shipped my Samsung Galaxy S20?

The refurbisher will receive the phone and ascertain its quality. From their they will either approve the initial offer if the condition matches your answers from the questionnaire or provide a counter offer if it doesn't. If your offer is approved, then you will receive a transfer to your bank account within 5 business days. If you receive a counteroffer, then you have the option to accept or reject it from there.