Huawei smartphone Trade-in: sell your Huawei smartphone at the best price

  • 1. Get an offer from an expert refurbisher
  • 2. Ship your device for free
  • 3. Get cash in your bank account
  • 4. Do a happy dance for you and the planet

Selling your Huawei smartphone

What should I do before selling my Huawei phone? 

Before reselling your Huawei, we advise you to back up your data with Cloud services, such as Google Drive or Microsoft's OneDrive, before offering your phone for sale.

What are the advantages of selling a used Huawei smartphone?

At Back Market, you can resell your old mobile phone flexibly and at a fair price, because the second-hand price of your old device is based on the condition of the mobile phone and not on demand! What's more, you'll get free delivery and you'll be doing something for the environment at the same time!

Reselling a Huawei smartphone is easy! 

After backing up your data using a Cloud service, you fill in a questionnaire on the condition of the phone (screen, casing and functions) and get your second-hand smartphone, tablet or console valued online. Once the provisional price has been calculated, you send your model to the dealer free of charge. The reconditioning experts then carry out a detailed comparison of all the data and, as soon as the condition of the mobile phone has been examined, you receive the resale price of your old Huawei smartphone directly into your bank account!

Reselling a Huawei smartphone: what are the advantages?

An extremely simple and transparent sales process is the first advantage. The fair price is another. Last but not least, by selling your second-hand Huawei smartphone you're doing something for the planet, reducing the amount of electronic waste generated. Then you've come to the right place at Back Market! 

Resell your Huawei smartphone, fill your wallet and do something for the environment!

In 2020, some 53.6 million tonnes of electronic waste were generated worldwide! Simply throwing away your old smartphone and contributing to this huge amount could be avoided. You can avoid e-waste by selling your old device on Back Market and putting it back into circulation! ♻️