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Lunaco was created with the dream of increasing consumer confidence in the refurbished electronic marketplace; with so many low-quality refurbished and second-hand products out there we aim to set the bar for high-quality refurbished products that you can trust, with strong customer support and reliable warranty to make buying refurbished the norm. Here at Lunaco, we are passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment. That’s one of the key reasons why we think refurbished devices are the way forward; not only does it support lower demand for new devices thus decreasing the amount of raw material harvested to build them, but it also reduces waste going to landfill because they are instead being given a new life. The fact that refurbished devices cost a fraction of brand new also helps! At present, the majority of products we sell are: Laptops Desktops Macs All In Ones Mobile Phones Tablets Smart Watches Components

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  • Legal address: Lunaco Ltd, Unit 8 Rockhaven Park, Kembrey Street, SN2 8BB, Swindon, GB
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