Trade in your Samsung Galaxy Tab for cash

Sell a Samsung Galaxy Tab through Trade-in

Question 1:

Is now a good time to sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Probably. Now is a great time to sell your old Samsung Galaxy Tab, instead of leaving it to go to waste in a drawer at home.

Question 2:

How will you determine the value of my Samsung Galaxy Tab?

It’s pretty easy: Go through the BuyBack assessment to evaluate the condition of your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Accuracy is key here. Be sure to highlight any signs of wear and tear on the tablet as well as other important information. An expert refurbisher will provide a price offer for your device. If you like the offer, all you need to do is ship it within 15 days using the prepaid shipping label Back Market provides.

Want to sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab online?

Tablets are great for making our modern lives easier. They act as a hybrid between a smartphone and laptop so you can get more done on the go. Whether you want to read the news at breakfast or watch a TV series on the train, a tablet ensures that you get the best of both worlds: portability and visual comfort. Do you have an old Samsung Galaxy Tab lying untouched in a drawer at home? Then it’s time to seize the day and turn your device into cold hard cash through our Trade-in service. You can sell both new and old Samsung Galaxy Tab models with us, and we even accept tablets that no longer work.

Selling your old Samsung Galaxy Tab is great for your wallet and the planet

You can help reduce electronic waste by saving your device from ending up in a landfill, as the equipment we no longer use often still works just fine. When you sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab, instead of letting it gather dust in a drawer or putting it in the trash, you put the device back into circulation for someone else to enjoy at a lower price – it’s a no-brainer! 

Sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab hassle-free

If you want to sell your Samsung Galaxy Tab (or even an iPad), it’s really easy. All you have to do is answer a few questions about the device and you'll receive a price offer for your old tablet based on that information. No more tedious messaging or negotiations with potential buyers that can last weeks and waste your time.