It smells like advertising, but it's actually true:

It's our primary goal
to bring refurbished goods to every Tom, Dick, and Harriet.
That means making sure we sell only the good stuff.

The products you see here are good-as-new.

Thanks to experts at refurbishing factories, these devices are back in perfect working condition and ready to live new adventures with you.

Our platform partners with more than 170 handpicked refurbishing factories.

We audit each of these factories and continue to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

Ta-dah! The pillars of our quality standards:

We work only with certified refurbishers.

Our platform only accepts refurbishing professionals that are equipped with the most up-to-date technology to make devices new again. We regularly visit their factories and systematically verify their quality control procedures. Each refurbisher has a profile on Back Market where their information and ratings are publicly accessible.

1-year warranty. Minimum.

All our products are guaranteed for at least 1-year. That's the amount of time we believe it takes to know whether a device is hiding any subtle defects or other undesirable "surprises".

A community-based rating system.

As a "Backer", you are invited to grade the quality of the service, evaluate your satisfaction of the product/refurbisher, and also let us know how long you end up enjoying the device that you've adopted. (<3 long-term relationships because we're just so romantic like that).

Comprehensive product check-up.

On each product file, you have access to all the features of the device that have been tested, verified and/or repaired by the refurbisher. And if you want to know more, all you have to do is click on "chat" - we'll do what we can to answer your questions.

Great customer service, even post-sale. Darn straight!

As the go-between for you and our refubishers, we're still invested in your investment. We make it easy for you to get in touch with our vendors if you have to, and we keep an eye on your interactions. Helpful for giving them feedback, but also especially useful in case you have a dispute.