Lifespan on Back Market: 9 months
Number of products sold: 17,000

About the refurbisher

Renew is one of the leading suppliers of technology for refurbishing smartphones. Our success is based on our commitment to the quality of our work and to customer satisfaction. We have developed our own test consisting of 32 verifications carried out over 4 days, a unique test of its kind to ensure full functionality up to and including testing the battery loss on standby! We are also going beyond the 80% rule of Back Market batteries by replacing any battery whose capacity is less than 85%.

  • EIN number: GB317877564
  • SIRET N°: 11791946
  • Tax address: Renew, Luxe Designer Ltd International House, 12 Constance Street, 190 avenue de Lattre Tassigny, E16 2DQ, London, GB

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5 products

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