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Raylo is a disruptive FinTech business delivering innovative and affordable solutions for consumer technology. Raylo’s consumer proposition offers customers a lease-style subscription for SIM-free iPhones via a simple and slick online-only journey (raylo.com) with optional, competitively priced insurance backed by AXA. Our subscriptions come with free accessories – a 100% compostable and plastic-free phone case, and two premium hybrid glass screen protectors. Raylo is proud to contribute to a circular economy, which champions the reuse of products in order to save resources and reduce waste. With finite materials being drained to make new phones and 50 million tons of e-waste produced every year, Raylo is committed to keeping handsets off the scrapheap and in circulation. Through our consumer proposition, when subscribers are finished with their devices, they don’t go into a drawer, or landfill, but are returned to find a new home with another customer.

  • EIN number: GB316384111
  • SIRET N°: 11554120
  • Address: Raylo Group Limited, 5 New Street Square, New Street Square, EC4A 3TW, London, GB

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