Circular Commerce Ltd


Lifespan on Back Market: 5 months
Number of products sold: 100

About the refurbisher

Circular Commerce offer customers a wide range of nearly new and refurbished consumer electronics and other trending products. We offer an eco-friendly, lower cost, lower carbon footprint alternative to buying brand new products. We provide re-commerce and ecommerce services for distributors, resellers and retailers. We process customer returns, refurbished goods and surplus inventory for resale, parts harvesting or recycling, via B2B partners and multi-country, multi-language ecommerce marketplaces across Europe. A lot of lower value and defective products never get resold after they are returned, due to the cost of handling. We pride ourselves on reselling as much of the product that we receive as possible, to promote the Circular Economy principle of repair and reuse (please see our spares or repair auctions and parts listings for more details).

  • EIN number: 340409628
  • SIRET N°: 11634790
  • Address: Circular Commerce Ltd, Wyche Innovation Centre, Walwyn Road, WR13 6PL, Malvern, GB