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Biomac is Europe's leading network of responsible Apple resellers committed to better use of natural resources. Since 2017, tens of thousands of customers have already placed their trust in us Be kind to our planet and choose a «  refurbished by Biomac » computer, you will contribute to make the planet greener. You will also save money by acquiring a 100% functional computer for a price significantly lower than a brand new one. Biomac offers an extensive choice of quality laptops with more than 200 models in over 2,000 configurations to meet your needs and expectations. Biomac refurbished laptops are systematically subjected to a series of tests carried out by our skilled technicians. They are brought back into operation,, checked and cleaned in our workshops in France. All you have to do is choose your model, its aesthetic grade and keyboard language layout you want. Biomac undertakes to ship your computer equiped with its charger within 24 to 48 hours. To thank you for your confidence, Biomac computers and accessories come with a minimum 12- month hardware warranty. Most important, to serve you and as proof of our professionalism and seriousness, our team in charge of after-sales is available to answer your questions. The whole BIOMAC team wishes you enjoyable browsing experience.

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  • Address: Biomac, 71 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92200, Neuilly sur Seine, FR

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504 products

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