Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer

Verified refurbished

Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer

Verified refurbished
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  • Warranty: 24 months
  • 920 grams of electronic waste prevented
Refurbisher comments:
In perfect (like new) condition. No scratches or traces of use. Compatible accessories supplied.
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  • Warranty: 24 months
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Refurbisher comments:
In perfect (like new) condition. No scratches or traces of use. Compatible accessories supplied.
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Feiyutech G6 Gimbal Stabilizer specs

  • Lens Model : MAXIMUM TILTING RANGE: 360 Degrees
  • Model : G6
  • Resolution : NA
  • Contrast : TILTING SPEED: Min: 2s / Max: 75s
  • Connector : OPERATION TIME: 12 Hours
  • Focal Length : WEIGHT: 336g
  • Megapixels : 16
  • Colour : Black
  • Image Stabilization : Yes
  • Accessory Type : Stabiliser
  • Brand : FeiyuTech
  • Weight : 920 g
Introducing the G6 gimbal from Feiyutech. The new OLED indicator screen allows you to see the working modes of the gimbal from the screen. The new Feiyu ON APP allows for a greater user experience. There is also an improved motor torque to help avoid the gimbal from shaking when in use. The splash proof design also makes it ideal for anyone looking to use the gimbal outdoors or on the go
  • EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP - The enhanced finish with its revolutionary motor arm for action cameras and smartphones ensures better anti-shake performance. The G6 is built from solid aluminium alloy which is lightweight and durable and the rubberized handle grip is comfortable. When fully charged, will give up to 12 hours runtime. The new design enables larger mounting capacity and you can even add accessories to your phone to make your shots even better.
  • AUTO ROTATION MODE: The G6 gimbal can easily create constant speed movements in the auto-rotation mode. This mode can be used for recording both regular video and motion time-lapse photography. For better performance, attach the gimbal to the Feiyutech tripod, or other tripod, to keep it completely still.
  • BUILT IN LED SCREEN/UPDATED ALGORITHUM: Introducing the all new Feiyutech G6 LED screen allowing you to clearly see the working mode of the gimbal. The innovative screen will also show different specifications such as working modes, Bluetooth connection etc. Low power consumption of the G6 allows for a greater user experience. Its bigger motor torque makes the G6 work smoother with higher anti-shake performance and reduce redundant power.
  • WIFI AND BLUETOOTH WORKING MODE: When connecting GoPro HERO 6 / HERO 5 / RXO's WIFI, The G6 can control taking video/photo and setting the working mode. If you are connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth at the same time, it can be used as a viewfinder, and achieve remote control, automatic calibration, firmware upgrade, and set all specifications (using the Feiyu ON App).
  • SMART PORTRAIT MODE/SPLASHPROOF DESIGN- With the simple tap of a button, you can change between landscape and portrait mode. The adjustable panning angle in vertical mode combined with the Feiyu ON App allows you to seamlessly stream amazing videos on social media or record for a later date. The G6 Plus adopts the advanced water technology, increasing its user reliability so that users will not worry about using the G6 Plus in rainy conditions.

  • TILTING SPEED: Min: 2s / Max: 75s
  • PANNING SPEED: Min: 3s / Max: 150s
  • OPERATION TIME: 12 Hours
  • WEIGHT: 336g
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