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Refurbished Xbox One X

Our very best Refurbished Xbox One X:

Xbox one X - HDD 1 TB - Black

Xbox one X - HDD 1 TB - Black

50% discount
Warranty: 13 months

Condition: Excellent
4000 grams of e-waste saved
They bought on Back Market
That's according to Daniel L. This is my second purchase.....all perfect - above expectations.... 03/06/2021

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1 product

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Refurbished Xbox One X devices

Make huge savings on a refurbished Xbox One X from Back Market

Get a truly immersive gaming experience with the Xbox One X. A games console with graphics that are second-to-none thanks to its HD technology, it will provide avid gamers with their most sensorial experience yet. Browse the range of refurbished Xbox One X consoles on Back Market and get yours for a fantastic price.

Why choose a refurbished Xbox One X from Back Market?

What’s not to love about this console! This model is in a class of its own when it comes to gaming; its relatively small structure fits a huge amount of tech inside. In addition to gaming, make the most of the crisp graphics by using the console to play ultra HD Blu-Ray DVDs, for an unparalleled viewing experience. This console has enough power for you to play games for hours without a single glitch or delay. Want to get your very own Xbox One X but can’t quite stretch your budget to afford one? Shop the range of refurbished Xbox One X consoles on Back Market and get a high quality device for a fraction of the price. If that hasn’t convinced you, you’ll also get a warranty to protect you against future defects.

How to get your own Xbox One X from Back Market

Browse a wide selection of certified refurbished games consoles on the Back Market site, including the glorious Xbox One X device. Simply input your criteria such as budget and warranty period and scroll through your options - we know the prices will grab your attention! To sweeten the deal even further, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet by reducing electrical waste.

Will my refurbished Xbox One X perform like a new console?

Yes! There’s no need to speculate on the quality of a refurbished Xbox One X from Back Market. Unlike buying through an individual, Back Market tests all of their consoles before reselling them in ‘as new’ condition. Buying a new console through Back Market is risk free as all devices come with a warranty period. During this time, you’re protected against unexpected breakdown or faults - Back Market will offer to repair or replace your device for free or give you a full refund.

Buy a refurbished Xbox One X from Back Market and enjoy a virtually ‘new’ gaming console for a fraction of the retail price.