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Refurbished Xbox One S

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Refurbished Xbox One S devices

Get a mind-blowing deal on a refurbished Xbox One S device from Back Market

A favourite among many gamers, the Xbox One S packs a powerful punch in a compact shell. You can own one for a fraction of the original cost by taking advantage of Back Market’s range of refurbished Xbox One S consoles.

Why buy a refurbished Xbox One S?

These popular gaming consoles are powered by cutting-edge technology developed solely for the enjoyment of gamers. There aren’t many tricky decisions to make when purchasing a refurbished Xbox One S, one of the few choices you’ll have to make is how much storage capacity you will need: 500GB, 1TB or 2TB. All devices are equipped with three USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI inputs, plus an optical output and an Ethernet port. All refurbished Xbox One S consoles also double up as high-quality DVD/Blu-Ray players. These powerful devices allow you to play games without any disruption and are controlled by a range of new wireless controllers also available on Back Market.

A refurbished Xbox One S from Back Market won’t disappoint

The benchmark of excellence when it comes to gaming consoles, the futuristic Xbox One S will keep you entertained for hours. Browse the wide range of refurbished Xbox One S consoles from Back Market that come in a variety of colours. When you buy a certified preowned device from Back Market, you’ll know you’re getting a fully functioning device which has been quality assured by our expert technicians. To seal the deal, we also offer a 12-month minimum guarantee to protect you against from unexpected breakdown of your console.

Save hundreds on your next gaming experience and opt for a refurbished Xbox One S from Back Market. Browse the range of consoles on Back Market that are all in perfect working condition.