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Refurbished Smart TVs

Our very best refurbished Smart TV:

Hisense 43AE7400FTUK 43" 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD 4K LCD Smart TV

Hisense 43AE7400FTUK 43" 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD 4K LCD Smart TV

14% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Excellent
24000 grams of e-waste saved
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That's according to Stéphane C. A little nervous (...) because of the beginning of lockdown, but delivery was outstanding! 07/06/2021

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2 products

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Refurbished Smart TVs

Buying a refurbished Smart TV? Take a look at Back Market’s selection

Make sure your TV is up to date, so you can watch the latest TV shows on demand and access the latest apps! Save money on one of the most recent models by choosing a refurbished Smart TV from Back Market and you won’t have to compromise on quality either.

High-Tech TVs at low prices

So, what is a ‘Smart TV’? Great question. A smart TV connects to the internet via your home Wi-Fi so you can access TV streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and hundreds of other apps and games. Smart TVs have fast become the norm in many households, with more and more people watching on-demand TV instead of viewing on traditional channels. Choose from Back Market’s selection of refurbished Smart TVs from well-known brands, equipped with the latest innovative technology, at huge discounts.

Why buy a refurbished Smart TV?

Buying a refurbished Smart TV from Back Market is virtually risk-free, all of our Smart TVs come with a 12-month minimum guarantee, meaning you’re protected against future defects. In the unlikely event that there should be a problem with your Smart TV, Back Market would offer you a replacement Smart TV or repair your TV free of charge, if that’s not enough, you can also choose to get a full refund. Every reconditioned Smart TV sold by Back Market undergoes numerous tests and checks by our experts, to ensure the highest quality products.

With a price tag you’ll hardly believe, a preowned, refurbished Smart TV from Back Market is the perfect option for those economically minded tech lovers out there. Treat yourself to a new, refurbished TV today!