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iPhone 8 64 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

50% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Fair
148 grams of e-waste saved

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148 grams.

In buying a Cheap Refurbished Original christmas gifts Deals | Back Market, you're helping prevent 148 grams of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 74 Pringles. Yum-o.

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What original Christmas presents will you buy this year?

This year, there’s no excuse for opting for the same tired old book or perfume you’re known for putting under the tree. Whether you’re buying for your significant other, parents, friends or siblings, Back Market has plenty of original gift ideas to help you buy some unique gifts this year.

Our most popular gift categories:

  • Secret Santa
  • Cheap Christmas gifts
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  • Christmas gifts for grandparents
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  • How to find the most unusual gift?

Finding the perfect gift directly relates to your enjoyment of December 24 or 25. Here’s how to give it your best shot:

  • Focus your research around the person you’re buying for, and consider his or her tastes and hobbies.
  • Plan ahead! Finding the perfect unique Christmas present requires a lot of research, and time to do so. So you’d best start at the end of November at the latest to give the best chance of success .
  • Set yourself a realistic budget that you won’t go over. With the joy of surprising and spoiling your loved ones, it’s easy to get carried away. Be organized and remind yourself of your limits if you feel the temptation to overspend creeping in.
  • Feel free to visit our refurbished products website, which helps save you money while minimizing the environmental impact associated with present buying. In perfect working order, these refurbished products help prevent early recycling and save you money. Why wouldn’t you buy refurbished?!

Unique technology gift ideas

Whether it's for your siblings, parents, child or significant other, technology gifts are still en vogue and there are many unusual, original gifts you can buy in this space. For example, what about a refurbished drone? These small flying machines are getting even easier to fly with each new model, and refurbished devices are making them more accessible to more people. With models available to buy for less than 50 dollars, you can buy an original gift without breaking the bank. Refurbished mini-cameras are also a perfect gift idea. Small, original and trendy, they’ll easily find their place under the tree – just as a refurbished remotely-operated helicopter would do.

Original beauty and grooming gifts

Want to delight one of the women in your life? Surprise her with the refurbished heating and styling brush she’s been talking about for months. Or if she struggles to get up in the morning, a really personalized gift would be a sunrise simulator – letting her enjoy more gentle awakenings every day.

For the men you need to buy for, a refurbished multifunctional razor or refurbished mower are excellent gift ideas. More surprisingly, refurbished electric relaxation masks are gaining in popularity.

Refurbished scooters and hoverboards also make unique Christmas gifts

Finally, have you thought of gifting a refurbished electric scooter or refurbished hoverboard to one of your loved ones? This is our pick of the most original Christmas present you can buy this year.

This Christmas, embrace your innovative side and find unique gifts for your loved ones. You’ll be popular for months, and they’ll love their gifts.