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OnePlus 5 128 GB - Black - Unlocked

66% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Stallone
153 grams of e-waste saved
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3 products

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  • Double SIM

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Refurbished OnePlus 5 devices

Buy a refurbished OnePlus 5 for an amazing price

If you don´t want to spend all your hard-earned cash on a smartphone, but want a good-looking, high-performance phone, then a refurbished OnePlus 5 could be for you. With its 5.5-inch AMOLED display, 128 GB of storage and 12-megapixel double-sensor camera, this is a phone that’s both cheap and smart.

Save money when you buy a refurbished OnePlus 5 from Back Market

Before we sell any refurbished OnePlus 5 phone, we thoroughly check and test each device to ensure it’s in full working order. You’ll be buying a cheap refurbished phone that’s second-hand but as new. We certify every refurbished OnePlus 5 we sell and also include a one-year guarantee, for your peace of mind.

Choose the phone to suit your lifestyle and pocket

When you buy a refurbished OnePlus 5 from Back Market you can be sure you’re getting a great device at a low price. It’ll be completely clean, with no data from the previous owner, and like new. No one will know except you that you’ve got a pre-owned phone. You can choose the aesthetic condition of the phone you want, from stallone through to mint. If you don´t mind a few marks and scratches, then you’ll get a fabulous phone at a cheap price. Your new phone will come with a battery and perform as well as it did when it left the factory.

Save hundreds of pounds when you buy a refurbished OnePlus 5 from Back Market. And don´t forget – a recycled phone reduces electronic waste.