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Refurbished LG G5

Where are all the Refurbished LG G5?

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Refurbished LG G5 devices

Get a fantastic price on a refurbished LG G5 from Back Market

You can find huge discounts on refurbished LG G5 models from Back Market. Browse the wide range of models to suit your needs on the website. Back Market devices are all in perfect working order, the only difference is the price!

Why buy a refurbished LG G5 from Back Market instead of a new one?

The most attractive part of buying a refurbished LG G5 model from Back Market instead of a new one from the store is the price difference. Save tens and even hundreds of pounds and get the latest tech in an almost brand-new condition. Back Market prides itself on offering high-quality equipment, therefore each device we sell is put through a number of tests to ensure each component is performing at the optimal level. You can be confident your LG G5 smartphone is in perfect working order - and if that hasn’t convinced you yet, you will also get a 12-month minimum guarantee to protect you against any future unexpected defects. In that circumstance, Back Market will organise a repair, replacement or refund for you, it’s a virtually risk-free purchase!

How to pick you refurbished LG G5 device?

Buying a smartphone on Back Market is easy and quick. Choose from a wide range of refurbished LG G5 phones by searching on the site. Simply refine the search criteria to match your needs in terms of price, storage capacity, colour, brand, guarantee period and so on and then pick the device you like the most.

Not your average second-hand smartphone, Back Market’s range of refurbished LG G5 devices combines low prices and top-quality performance. Get the latest tech for a fraction of its original price and no-one will ever know the difference!