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Refurbished iPhone XS

Our very best refurbished iPhone XS:

iPhone XS 64 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

iPhone XS 64 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

59% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Fair
177 grams of e-waste saved


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That's according to Javed K. This phone is very good and my son is very happy thank you 1 day ago

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Refurbished iPhone Xs devices

Imagine being the proud owner of the new iPhone Xs!

Is the latest iPhone from Apple a little over your budget? Don´t worry. Here’s how to get the iPhone Xs at a cheap price. What’s the secret? A refurbished iPhone that will still offer the same powerful performance and design features as a new phone.

Buy a refurbished iPhone Xs from Back Market and you’ll get all the benefits of a superb smartphone with the latest Apple technology at a fraction of the usual price.

Welcome to the new age of affordable iPhones

A mobile phone is a big outlay, especially if you want the latest model. But buy a cheap refurbished phone from Back Market and you’ll pay a much lower price than the manufacturer’s. And you’ll get guaranteed Apple quality as all our certified refurbished phones undergo stringent tests by our technical experts to ensure they’re as good as new. We also give you a free one-year guarantee, in case things go wrong (which we hope they don’t!). This means we’ll give you a replacement phone, repair yours or give you a full refund.

High-end phones are all the rage and the smarter your phone the more it´ll do for you. Where would we be without our phones? We use them as a mini computer, to read the news, watch videos, take photos, play games… So, it makes sense to buy the best phone you can afford for optimum performance. A refurbished iPhone Xs could be within your reach because of the great offers we have at Back Market.

Buying a refurbished phone also means you´re being environmentally friendly too as every phone we sell is getting a new life.

Check out the cheap refurbished iPhone Xs

The recent launch of the iPhone Xs has turned heads. Apple has taken its iPhone to a new level with the inclusion of a 5.8” screen with OLED multi-touch display, a super Retina HD display, a 12-mega pixel dual camera, a Bionic Apple A12 apple processor, facial recognition, scratch-resistant glass and 64/256/512 GB of memory.

All this is packed into the usual sophisticated styling you’d expect from Apple, with a stainless steel edge, reinforced glass case, and in a choice of colours – gold, silver or space grey.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at the cheap refurbished iPhone Xs today. We think you’ll be surprised at the amazing price for superior Apple quality.