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148 grams.

In buying a Refurbished iPhone 8, you're helping prevent 148 grams of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 74 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Refurbished iPhone 8 devices

Check out the iPhone 8 at a budget price

Buying a cheap iPhone 8 has never been easier. You don´t have to spend a mega amount of money to become one of the iPhone gang. At Back Market, we offer a vast range of fully refurbished iPhones at prices well below the standard manufacturer’s price. You can save up to 70% when you buy a refurbished iPhone from us.

Get an almost new iPhone 8 for a great price

The iPhone 8 is still a popular choice for Apple fans, which is why a brand-new one is relatively expensive. Buy a refurbished iPhone 8 from Back Market and you’ll get a genuine product at a low price.

The aluminium and glass case delivers a stylish phone in a range of colours. Choose from gold, silver and space grey, and if you want to be a little different, we’ve even got the special-edition red model.

Every iPhone 8 we sell undergoes strict testing procedures, and we only use genuine Apple parts to refurbish each phone. The iPhones we use are second-hand and often sold back to us from their original owners, who’ve upgraded or bought a new phone. Once a phone is refurbished, we certify it and put it up for sale at a great price.

We also throw in a 12-month guarantee for free, just in case anything goes wrong.

iPhone 8 – Apple technology at low prices

The iPhone 8 is fast. It’s driven by a powerful A11 Bionic chip processor that gives a slick and rapid performance. Whether you use it for work or play, your iPhone 8 won´t let you down.

This bargain iPhone 8 comes with an array of features including touch ID, dual 12-megapixel camera, wireless charging, a 4.7-inch Retina HD, fingerprint-resistant screen, loads of built-in apps and it’s even splash, water and dust-resistant (for those of you who like to use your phone in the bath or rain!).

Storage will never be a problem either, with a refurbished iPhone 8 as you can choose either 64GB or a massive 256GB, depending on how many photos and videos you want to keep.

On the subject of photos and videos – the refurbished iPhone 8 delivers truly stunning quality images, allowing you to capture your memories. It has a range of photography and video features that are easy to use, even for amateur photographers, and you can enhance your pics with features such as burst mode and panorama view.

For the ultimate in iPhone technology at a cheap price, the refurbished iPhone 8 is a great phone if you want to save money but not compromise on quality.