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Video camera GoPro GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition - Silver

62% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Very good
136 grams of e-waste saved

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Refurbished GoPro devices

Shop for a refurbished GoPro at Back Market

A GoPro can be an expensive portable camera, but not when you buy one at Back Market. Why? Because all our GoPros are second-hand and refurbished so we can offer them to you at a bargain price.

Get a GoPro at a discount

Mobile photography can be an expensive hobby – whether you’re filming yourself flying down a hill on your bike, skiing down a mountain or riding the waves. A GoPro is probably the best-known device for quality photography and videos on the go, but it comes at a price. However, at Back Market, you can buy a refurbished GoPro for up to 60% off the standard price. That’s an amazing deal.

There are several different models of GoPro, with the latest being the Hero 8. We sell this and a wide range of other refurbished cheap GoPros. Select from features such as panoramic photos, improved HDR, spherical video, waterproofing, frameless mounting, horizon levelling, time-lapse, live streaming, slow motion and voice control. Choose the model that best suits you and start taking action shots of your outdoor activities.

How does Back Market sell GoPros so cheaply?

Your refurbished GoPro will be second-hand but will work just as well as it did when it was new. It will have been inspected and any faulty or poorly-working parts replaced and then put on sale as certified and refurbished. This enables us to offer refurbished GoPros at a substantial discount.

You’ll get a free one-year warranty with your refurbished GoPro, to give you peace of mind in the unlikely situation of a repair, replacement or refund. When you buy a refurbished GoPro from Back Market you’ll get a genuine branded action camera at much less than the in-store price.

If you want to pay the lowest price for a portable camera then buy a refurbished GoPro from Back Market. We specialise in refurbished technical products and offer great deals on everything we sell.