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Refurbished Chromebook

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Refurbished Chromebook devices

Refurbished Chromebook deals from Back Market

If you’re looking for a bargain refurbished Chromebook, we have a vast range of deals on offer.

Buy a high-performance refurbished Chromebook at a great price

Get a refurbished Chromebook at up to 60% off the usual manufacturer’s price. At Back Market, we have a vast range of high-quality Chromebooks that have been pre-owned. Every product we refurbish goes through stringent testing and quality control by our technical experts to ensure the device we sell to you is in peak condition. You would never know you had a second-hand Chromebook.

Choose from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and all the other top Chromebook brands. You can buy a refurbished Chromebook to suit your lifestyle, whether for work, home use or for a teenager or younger member of the family. All the cheap Chromebooks we sell are genuine brands and have been pre-owned.

What’s a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet that runs on Google’s Chrome O.S. (operating system). It’s a complete browsing system that’s easy to use, fast and uses Google technology to deliver high-quality computing. Our range of refurbished Chromebooks is second-hand but in excellent condition. Many of their owners have simply upgraded to a newer model and don´t need their old Chromebook. All come with a one-year guarantee which includes repair, replacement or your money back.

We take these devices, check them and make them as good as new. The incredibly cheap deals we sell all our devices for mean you can own a refurbished Chromebook without paying full price.

If you want to save some cash and need a new laptop or tablet, then this could be the answer. You’ll get a Chromebook that’s like new, but at a cheap price when you buy a refurbished Chromebook from Back Market.