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iPhone 8 64 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

50% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Fair
148 grams of e-waste saved

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148 grams.

In buying a Refurbished Christmas gifts for your boyfriends, you're helping prevent 148 grams of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 74 Pringles. Yum-o.

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Find the perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend

He may be the person you share your life with and who you know inside out, but it can be tricky buying the perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend. Don’t worry, thanks to the Christmas gift ideas from your friends at Back Market, you’ll have loads of gift ideas that mean the trusty scarf needn’t be under the tree for the third year in a row.

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Christmas gifts for your gamer boyfriend

The golden rule for finding a Christmas present for your boyfriend is to choose something closely related to his hobbies. If your other half loves video games, then there’s an almost infinite number of Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. On the Back Market website, you’ll find all gaming consoles available on the market, as well as a range of refurbished accessories to optimize the gaming experience. And then there are the games themselves, a perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend if you have a limited budget. If he prefers to play his video games connected to others, then a pair of refurbished headphones, super mouse or trendy keyboard will be sure to elevate his gaming experience.

Some gift ideas to spoil a boyfriend who loves technology

If keeping up to date with the latest technology is important to your spouse, then you’ll find many gems on Back Market’s site. He might be after a new smartphone, in which case there are plenty of up-to-date models from all the big brands available in our catalog. And even better, you can pick one up significantly discounted from the in-store price. Or maybe his laptop desperately needs upgrading. A new machine with a powerful processor and high-end graphics card is sure to put a smile on his face. Another Christmas gift idea for a tech-loving boyfriend is a refurbished connected object. Whether that’s a smartwatch or voice assistant, he won’t be able to contain his delight! And of course you can always buy him a refurbished tablet that he can take with him on his commute to watch his favorite TV shows – as well as prevent any arguments over the household TV!

This year you don’t have to get your boyfriend the trusty scarf, again. Thanks to Back Market, finding a Christmas present for your boyfriend will be much easier. Whether you choose a refurbished console, smartphone, computer or tablet, you’ll be able to spoil your significant other in just a few clicks!