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iPhone 8 64 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

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Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Stallone
148 grams of e-waste saved

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148 grams.

In buying a Cheap Refurbished Christmas gifts for babies Deals | Back Market, you're helping prevent 148 grams of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 74 Pringles. Yum-o.

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All you need to celebrate a newborn's Christmas at Back Market

Finding a Christmas gift for babies can be more complicated than it looks, especially when you want to get a variety of stuffed toys and other play equipment. The secret? Head to Back Market’s website to see a range of suitable gift options for babies.

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A refurbished baby monitor is a must-have Christmas gift

A baby monitor is a perfect Christmas gift for babies to give parents a helping hand. While at first the baby will probably sleep with Mom and Dad, soon enough the baby will need to sleep in their own room, and that’s where a refurbished baby monitor comes in extremely handy. Simply place one of the units in the baby’s room and the other unit wherever Mom and Dad are in the house, and they’ll be able to keep an eye on the baby without physically being there. If the baby makes a noise or needs attention, the parents will pick this up form the monitor and quickly go to the baby’s aid. There are different models available, some come with a night light function and even a thermometer to automatically control the temperature of the room. And for an even better Christmas gift for a baby, you can broadcast lullabies through the monitor and even talk to the little one from the other room.

Christmas gift for a hungry baby

Nothing fills up a baby like wholesome homemade dishes! If it’s time to mix up feeding times, a blender-cooker stands out as a great gift idea. With this device, Mom and Dad can create tasty mashed potatoes in the blink of an eye. Larger models enable many small pots to be prepared at once for freezing, and for smaller kitchens you can choose a smaller model that fits the space better. Either way, the variety of models on offer on Back Market’s site will let you spoil your friends with babies. Another gourmet baby Christmas gift idea you might consider is a yogurt maker for melting yogurt – yum!

Create the perfect environment for a sleeping baby at Christmas

To help create the perfect ambience in a baby's bedroom, you could buy a refurbished night light. Featuring classic designs to suit interiors as well as superhero branded models, the night light will add a touch of reassuring light for babies during the darker hours of the day. For the optimal comfort of little ones, another Christmas gift idea for babies which will also delight parents is a refurbished space heater. Whether it’s for warming up the bathroom or ensuring a comfortable room temperature on cold days, this Christmas present can drastically improve the comfort of a baby.

The thought of finding a Christmas gift for a baby might seem like a big task, but if you consider something that will help make life easier for the parents while taking optimum care of the baby you can’t go wrong.