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Refurbished Alienware Gaming laptops

Where are all the Refurbished Alienware Gaming laptops?

Great Scott! We don’t have any left in stock today.

Come by later, maybe they’ll be back by then!

Verified customer reviews for Refurbished Alienware Gaming laptops


Average of 0 reviews from the past 6 months.

Rémi R. 29/10/2021
Happy with the quality of the product and very good value for money.

Gabrielle M. 05/11/2021
Back Market is the only place I trust to get actual good used technology. Never have had a bad experience and any issue I had for immediately taken care of. This is the best website.

Daniel L. 03/11/2021
This is my second purchase.....all perfect - above expectations....

José Manuel A. 15/11/2021
Top quality product and very fast delivery! Exactly what I was looking for. It's my second purchase here and I'm more than happy with it.

Carl B. 12/11/2021
Just as described. I found this to be a great deal on a nearly perfect refurb. Not a mark on it, really.

Refurbished Alienware devices

Refurbished affordable Alienware for high-spec gaming

If you thought Alienware gaming technology was out of your reach, read on… Now you can afford branded Alienware gaming devices with the help of Back Market.

Pre-owned refurbished Alienware

Refurbished gaming devices are growing in popularity as consumers want the highest quality gaming at the best prices. A pre-owned Alienware pc, laptop or headset from Back Market is the solution if you want the maximum gaming experience at a great price. We sell cheap, refurbished Alienware pcs, laptops and headsets. All our products are genuine Alienware second-hand products that are as good as new.

Every device we sell is examined and tested in detail to ensure it works as well as the day it left the manufacturer. Before we put a refurbished Alienware product on sale, it has to pass our stringent tests. Then it’s certified so you can be sure you’re getting a genuine refurbished Alienware product. All our refurbished products also include a free 12-month guarantee.

Cheap Alienware at great prices

You won’t pay full price if you shop at Back Market. We offer a wide range of refurbished Alienware laptops, headsets and pcs at up to 60% cheaper than standard in-store prices. That’s an amazing saving on your gaming devices.

When you buy a refurbished Alienware gaming device, as well as getting it at a cheap price you’ll also be doing your bit for sustainability.

Pre-owned gaming devices that are updated and sold as refurbished are a growing market as we do all we can to recycle the goods we no longer need. Our philosophy at Back Market is to offer top-quality, refurbished Alienware at cheap prices for you to enjoy.

How do I buy a refurbished Alienware product?

It’s easy! Here’s how to get your refurbished gaming device at a fraction of the normal price:

  • Visit our refurbished Alienware page and start browsing.
  • Select the product you want.
  • Once you’ve made your purchase, it’ll be with you in a few days!

Shop smart with Back Market – refurbished Alienware at affordable prices.